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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Hey Tim and welcome to join in on the craze! :balloon:


Hello Community. I don’t know if i introduce my self or not but no problem:) My name is Theo and i started vaping 4 months ago. Purchase Griffin 25 which is amazing and building custom coils as well as i have started they DYI e-liquids. This webpage is amazing with so many flavors and e-recepies. No need to smoke and when i did on the 2nd month i felt so disgusted. Vaping is the way for me now!:slight_smile:


Welcome Theo. Glad you are here.


Welcome @Theo5 @Gambit117 and @Billy14 !!


Hello Everyone!
I’m Ash from Toronto, Canada and I have a serious Sweet Tooth :smile: 27 years of smoking and @ 30/day it came to an end on Oct 27 2015, the day after I started vaping. I was a flavour chaser before I even knew the term. I love my desserts & baked goods, the sweeter the better. After a few months of vaping I progressed from pre made coils to building my own on my sub tank mini rba, to finally purchasing a few RTAs, RDAs, RDTAs and focusing on building coils for flavour. I’ve been playing with mixing my pre made e juice to create flavours more to my taste but it’s time to move on to making my own e juice. I’ve been reading and researching for some time now, but the more I learn the more I find there is so much more to learn! It’s time to bite the bullet and get started DYI while I continue my researching simultaneously. I’ve found this group to be invaluable. Endless practical information & tools, a great group of friendly people & a welcoming atmosphere. Thank you in advance for the help I’ll be needing on this journey and hopefully in time I’ll be able to contribute to the group as well.
Ash (Sweet Tooth)


Welcome Sweet Tooth. Congratulations, you found the absolute BEST vape forum on the interwebz


Welcome Ash and any of the other new folks I’ve missed. It’s absolutely the best forum on any subject that I’ve ever found, anywhere. Watch out for the occasional debauchery though, heehee! :joy:


I’m new as well and this site has been awesome just waiting for someone to crack my favorite ejuice recipe now haha


New here and to mixing not vaping tho.
Quit smoking 8 months ago now and all due to vaping.
I quit the day i got a good vape set up and haven’t smoked since.
It wasn’t just the smoking I chewed and used nicorette when i couldn’t smoke because i spend long hours working in poisonous and explosive environments so i just had the nicotine going non stop.
Anyway,since my first order of vaping supplies I’ve mixed up,strawberries and cream,mothers unicorn milk,strawberry cheesecake,strawberry kiwi,some sweet raspberry and some blueberry donuts…
Maybe tomorrow i’ll get around to mixing a couple to sit and steep a bit for the wife,she’s not really much of a vaper but she kept taking mine away and wouldn’t give it back on nights out so i bought her a little pico with a mega one tank so i could hold onto mine.
She had me order her some stuff I might try,but i’ll mix her up something in a chai tea and a tiramisu she wanted to try.
Just wanted to thank everyone for the recipes,the savings and the entertainment so far.
Didn’t really mean to go on like this so sorry for the babbling all i really meant to say was


Welcome Ash, Experiment and Buckshot!


Hi @SweetTooth @experiment and @Buckshot47 ! Welcome to the coolest forum with the best people! :wink: Glad to have y’all on board!


Hello everybody! :slight_smile:
First day on the forum and a recent vaper.
I have been vaping for a month and a half and haven´t touched a cigarette ever since!
Definitely a lot to learn here and hopefully one day, I can contribute back with some of my own e-juice recipes. :wink:
I’ll be around…


Welcome VapingWind! Glad you are here.


Hello and welcome!! I’ll be waiting to see those recipes you come up with! :wink:


@Saxon2 @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit you both referred to this group as the absolute best one. During my research I came across many groups dedicated to DYI but I found myself coming back here time and again. This one is the ‘absolute best’ :heart_eyes:


Hello new peoples! Great to have you here :+1::smiley:


Hello all. My name is Dustin. I’ve enjoyed my time reading and talking to all the wonderful people here at ELR and I’ve seen this thread pop up quite a few times, so I figured it’s finally time to introduce myself. It’s a little late, but whatever.

I’ve been vaping for about a year now. I’ve gained a bit of a following for my reviews on JuiceDB. I really enjoy trying and reviewing new (to me) juice, but it gets expensive if I’m not winning giveaways (which I’ve won alot due to my activity on /r/electronic_cigarette), so I decided to give DIY a try. I’ve been mixing my own liquids since late Nov/early Dec. So far I’ve just been mixing up others’ and slight modifications of others’ recipes, but I’ve been brainstorming a bourbon poached pear that’s a little different from the ones I’ve seen on ELR. My vape setup is the 22mm Siren GTL and Lavabox M, with my backup is my second Siren and HCigar VT75 Nano, and an iCare as my backup backup. My testers are two O-Atty clones. Once I bought the Siren and O-Atty I sold all my other RTAs and RDAs. Best devices that I’ve owned, for me anyway.

A few other things about me:

  • Most importantly, I’m a loving uncle to my little sister’s kids, my nephew (9 yo) and nieces (6 yo, 1.5 yo).
  • (Very) amateur photography. I love nature photography and taking candids of my nephew and nieces. Here are my photographs from a camping trip in Rocky Mountain National Park and a short day trip to Yellowstone from last summer.
  • I’m an economics PhD student at a university in northern Virginia. My research area is history of economic thought (the economic thought and philosophy of folks who have long been dead).
  • I’m a huge MMA fan. I got into watching it in the early(ish) UFC and Pride days before the sport blew up and have seen many organizations and fighters come and go.
  • A big fan of A Song of Ice and Fire series of books–the books that HBO’s Game of Thrones is based on. My favorite character in the book series is Cersei. I’m also a fan of the Greyjoys. I love the GoT HBO series too, especially those early seasons. I try not to compare the HBO series to the books, but I adore the early seasons of GoT because it followed so closely to the books. My favorite characters in the series are Bronn and Varys.
  • I like other movies and TV series. A few of my favorite movies: Dark City, The Big Lebowski, Life of Bryan, Dr Strangelove, Paint Your Wagon, Toy Story, and Forrest Gump. A few of my favorite TV series: Black Sails, The Sopranos, The Wire, Stranger Things, and Westworld.
  • Since Sept 2015 I lost 140 lbs. Detailed here.


Welcome Dustin!

Do you still review e-juice and if so can you link a vid? I will subscribe to your channel.

There is a UFC thread floating around here somewhere but it hasn’t been active as of late.


Welcome all newcomers. Browse through and absorb as much as you can. If you need help let us know. There are no dumb questions. Wait, there are and @Pugs1970 has probably asked them all. So no worries he has you all covered.