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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Welcome @Jward799 :raised_hand:
I have a Custard mix that everyone seems to really enjoy:


Welcome to ELR!


Had my first kiss in a 57 Chevy! :grinning:


I’ll definitely try it. There seems to be a thousand places to order from. Who do you recommend? I also would rather buy premix nic until I start getting the hang of this.


I like these venders:
Nicotine River
BullCity Vapors
Gremlin DIY
Wizard Labs
*in that order
Recently I have become a raging fan of the
Real Flavors Super Concentrate line.


@Kboz1955 awwww how sweet. Kinda Jeli of u thou :roll_eyes: lol

@Jward799 Hi and welcome to ELR :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
Custard vapes make you fart, the more you fart the better you feel :scream_cat:


I would rather have had my first kiss in a corvette. maybe my life would
have gone in a different direction. Lol


What ^^^^^ he said. To the newercomers, the party’s JUST starting …


welcome everyone that’s new…

wow…how lazy am I…


Incredibly. You better work on that.


can’t be arsed…


Well that’s just sad. Poor new people!!


Im not sure…but I think I may have felt an emotion then…


Welcome to all the new members since I joined, you have join an incredible place for getting help, I am quite new too but, wanted to stop by again to say: I have been smoke free for 72h!!! I am insanely happy, after I have tried almost all kind of solutions vaping is just working like a charm. To celebrate it with you guys I am sharing a photo work I did last year with my daughter and a Cuban cigar, something I will try again but, this time with some nasty vaping clouds!!


Woo-hoo!! Congrats, keep it up! :tada:


Congratulations & Welcome @DoY :raised_hands:


@Pugs1970 you’re too busy doing stellar reviews mate.


Mannn I wish that was true…
Unfortunately…im just being lazy :pensive::grin:


@DoY Outstanding. You couldn’t have started out at a better place. Stay strong, and Vape On !!!


Congrats on being smoke free! Keep it up and welcome to ELR.