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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


WTG @DoY, :call_me_hand:
doesn’t it feel great, I’m lov’in it!

I was standing next to a friend smoking ciggies and I had to move away, I so wanted to tell him you stink, I guess thats the next thing to get over in this journey


Thought I would jump in after being a member for awhile. What a great site for the DIY/vape community. I have been vaping for about 4 years, funny thing is I quite smoking after about 30 years, 2 years later I am battling throat cancer. Been in remission now for about 18 mos. Most not all of the doctors find little to no concern with me vaping. Only issues I have now seem to be taste, uggh sometimes I need a bit more flavoring to hit the spot. I wish to thank all the great mixers out there and this site for making it a lot easier to play mad scientist with liquids and devices.


@Mark_Turner, @SessionDrummer, @DaFeral and @TheTinMan1 Thanks a lot guys!!

@DaFeral Thanks :slight_smile: it does feel great indeed!! I actually don’t have troubles so far standing beside people smoking, my wife smokes and we sit together to watch movies in night time while she is smoking beside me, I just simply don’t think about it… Now I must admit that the most difficult time is during the mornings just after wake up, that is a hard one, I have to chain vape until my through says take a break and if I see I can’t handle it I take a snus. Hopefully in a few weeks I wont need it anymore but, one thing is for sure, I am on the boat and not going back!!


Welcome to ELR, David.

Congrats on being smoke free for 4 years. Sorry to hear about your cancer but wonderful that it is in remission.


Keep strong, all best wishes for you and yours!!


Hi @David5362 welcome to ELR :thumbsup:

I love that term Mad Scientist, it’s so fitting for this site and the crazy people on it :woman_scientist::man_scientist:

Hope all goes well with your health bro, stay strong :smiley_cat:


Hey there! I’m new to this forum but have been lurking around on this site for a few weeks trying out recipes and learning the ropes! Glad to be here!


Great to have you here :grin:


Hello everyone, I’m just new to this forum and will start mixing next month (I’ll be getting the last of what i need then). I’ve been vaping on and off again for the last 3 years (or so), my latest time to quit tobacco was May 7th.
I hope to learn much here, and when i get better, will help whenever I can.


Welcome @nroutz :raised_hand:


Welcome @draig :raised_hand:
Glad to see you have chosen a safer alternative to Tobacco Use :+1:


Hi everybody,
New here… well, posted once about a month ago.
I;m back looking for info and saw this post… So I’m saying hello to yall.

I’ve been vaping for close to three years now. At fist it was to stop smoke a pack+ a day of those Captain Black cigars, but with time, started purchasing Tanks, mods, RTA’s, then RDA’s then started making my own coils, juices ect.

I’ve been doing my own juices for about a year now, and still, there’s always something missing.
I’m interested in searching this forum and apply what you guys are doing, so I can enjoy even more my vape.

See you guys in threads!!


Welcome aboard! :grin:


Welcome @SegJu :raised_hand:


Welcome to ELR @nroutz @draig and @SegJu Glad to have you all here.


Thanks! Great to be here


Ello Ello Ello @nroutz, @draig, @SegJu welcome to ELR

makes room on the rafter… it’s movie night, popcorn vape anyone?

@DoY lol I sold my wife and kids, your’s sound like a keeper :0P


@nroutz @draig and @SegJu welcome aboard the crazy train.


HAHAHAHAHHA!!! With all respects… You are mad!! hahahahahha!!


Welcome!! It’s great to hear you’ve been in remission for 18 months! Cheers to your health!
So you said you’ve been vaping for 4 years, have you been mixing long?