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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Welcome Philip! Congratulations on quitting smoking. This is an excellent place to learn all you want to know about DIY!


Thx Jenny gonna enjoy a lot


What up guys and dolls? Johnnyd here. Been mixing for 3 years and still learning. Have got a lot of great ideas off here. Peace


Hi Johnny! Welcome!
There are so many great recipes and great people here who will always help with anything!


Hi! Thanks for this great forum. I quit smoking and started vaping 6months ago with an Alien kit. Then learned about RDAs and enjoying builds and flavor. Am I the only one that went crazy buying hardware? Prefer RDAs now and just got a Kennedy clone which is great! I made a promise to myself not buying anything else at least until Xmas. Started diy 2-3 months ago with good and bad results. For example, after anxious waiting 3wks steeping my guava cheesecake was unvapable. Also, I was doing max VG recipes but lately I’m doing close to 50/50 with better results. Learning everyday and very greatfull to all of you.


Welcome @PathVape :raised_hand:
I have had the opposite Vape journey :grinning:
When I started we were using high PG, low Wattage & high oHm resistance coils in cartomizers. Once things started evolving - High wattage regulated devices, Better built RDAs & RTAs that required High VG Eliquids. Coupled with sub oHm coil builds, I never looked back.


Much thanks Jen


Thanks , Im new on Diy, I start This week mixing pre made concetrates from local stores, Im a newby, in my country is Very dificult for vapers, because of the TPD all liquids from stores are 0 nicotine and we buy 10ml nicshots at 18mg.
So everybody here are starting diy to mix.
Im in search for a ADV eliquid and I canot find it , so, by accident I descovered that Im in Love with diy, I want to learn as much I can, to mix my own eliquids and share them to the world.
Im from Portugal, sorry for my bad english, thank You Very much for add me in here, I Love your site and fórum.
I start vaping in 2013 because of hillness, since then, and because of lack of products I smoked again after 3 months, I was vaping and smoking for a while, then I Vaped for almost a year, because of law and tax on eliquid with nicotine at the stores , the vapor business kind of died here , so I start smoking again.
Since November 2016 I started again vaping, and I have been Since then , trying to quit smoking for good, its hard as hell.
I think I just need a good vape eliquid and I can do it.
Cheers my friends!


Welcome @LisbonVapor :raised_hand:


Welcome aboard to all the new peoples :grin:


welcome @LisbonVapor …and anybody else I might have missed through inactivity.

I’m sure your English is considerably better than my Spanish!

I am also in the EU …Britain, so not in EU much longer, hopefully! I think the TPD is proof positive that Brussells is the pocket of Big Industry, Big Tobacco, specifically, in this instance.

I have always said these new reguklations would drive people back into smoking, That is the purpose of them. But the non-smoking, non-vaping here don’t believe me. They think it is all perfectly fair. But what would they know? Even some of the vapers believe that 20 mg = 20 cigarettes (then they wonder why they can’t quit smoking on 20 mg e-juice )


Welcome!! Congratulations on 6 months of not smoking! We are around the same amount of time, I quit and switched to vape in December.

We’ve all had some pretty bad results when first starting, and even when trying “a great new idea” no matter how long the person has been mixing! Lol! There are definitely a lot of people here who are hardware crazy! A lot of us go crazy on flavors and supplies, that’s me, I buy flavors like crazy!

There are categories here to just talk about hardware and building if you enjoy that. Learning to make my own coils is something that I am looking forward to learning at some point. Best of luck to you!


Hello @LisbonVapor !

Welcome to the site and DIY! I hope we can help you find the recipe that is just right for you to get you to quit smoking for good! It is so sad that the laws make it so hard for you!!

Can I ask what types of flavors have you enjoyed vaping the most? Nicotine, menthol nicotine, flavored nicotine (many smokers like flavors similar to cigarettes. That’s what I liked best at first after smoking). Or have you tried or like any fruits, creamy/custards, dessert/bakery flavors, candy, cereal, beverages, etc…?

Or was there a juice you bought that you seemed to enjoy most even though it wasn’t exactly right or quite good enough to give up cigarettes? Maybe something along that same flavor profile is what would be the one for you!

There are different people here that are very experienced in different flavor types, so if you have a category you seem to like, someone who has lots of experience with those flavors can probably help you!

Welcome again and good luck!


Hi everyone!! I’m brand new to DIY juice and very happy and lucky i found this great site. I’ve been here for a bit but lost the link and thank goodness found it again. I stink at this part so bare with me please. Let’s see I have tried to vape many times over the last 4 or 5 years now and I still don’t have it quite down pat but after reading things here I think I found out what my problems been and that’s being told and shown the wrong way so since finding this site Im learning alot and I still have so much to learn i get a headache reading so much before but this place makes things so much easier to understand so ty you all for sharing great information for a noobie like myself. I’ve wanted to make my own juice for months now because its so expensive here I just have to figure out what the best flavors would be to start with and also heard something about doing measuring by weight. I have a digital kitchen scale for my bath and body products I make so I’ll do some searching on here to find out just how to do this. Oh oops Im 45 mother of 2 and a grandma to two beautiful little girls. I live in Illinois and disabled umm if you want to know anything else feel free to ask. Again ty to each of you for all the great information and sharing recipes hoping to make my first batch next week as I’ve. Only gotten half of my stuff in the mail today to start the rest should be here soon. Ill share as well once I make some that’s not awful wish me luck…lol Hope to get to know everyone better and you all have a great weekend


Sorry to ask but is there a thread on here explaining how to use the scale weighing by weight method? I will be making up my first batch as soon as I get my flavors in the mail by the beginning of next week and thought I’d do my research on this since it sounds easier and less messy. I’m a huge messy mess maker any ways so lol Thank you in advance and for taking time to read my question.


Hi Vicki, I’m subscribing more reading :slight_smile: check the first post out he gives awesome links to other posts that will help you on the way… note that most of use use 1g per ml for weight for all pg flavors I do the same it’s just easier and it keeps it consistent… this might not make much sense yet but read and learn and I promise it will!!! We are here to help and we love doing so!!! Happy mixing!!! And good luck! I and others are here if you need us!


Thank you so much for the links I truly appreciate it. I’m super excited and nervous all wrapped up in one. Again ty for the help and answering my question. I hope you have a great weekend😀


Your very welcome and I have to say it… welcome to the rabbit hole!!! There is no returning from it lol I will be mixing right along with you this weekend like most weekends lol


Ty very much I’m happy I found this site and to be a part of it. Have fun mixing!!!


Welcome @Vicki72 :raised_hand: