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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Thank you very much


Good to have you here @Vicki72 - lots of fun to be had! :grin:


Hello everyone, pardon me … i’m nasar born in bali - indonesia, i’m now living in jakarta … let me to join and always read this forum to search and learn all things about electric cigarette especially diy e juice to add my knowledge about something which i love for 4 years , I strongly believe this is better, safer, more comfortable than my old habit of smoking, thank you for the opportunity , attention and kindness …


Hi Nasar! Great to meet you :+1:


Welcome @nasar :raised_hand:


@nasar @Vicki72 @LisbonVapor @PathVape @johnnyd3 @PAM9 @AuraBorealis @VladVlad @phager @Squid3

A big ((((Helloooo)))) to all the new people here and those that have been away :grin:

Been away/busy myself a bit lately, Hope this finds you all well.


@robo_juice @SensesTaker @MonicaAl
and some more
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Must been a OHS thing hey, too many hugs and handshakes are bad for you??
winks @daath


Hello to all the new people, glad you could join us! we have lots of fun and we are all wiling to help.


Hi I am new to forums I normally just read them I respect and appreciate all the info. Raising my granddaughter I quit smoking cigarettes. I’m making my own to save money. I have learnt it all here mostly and through trial and error. I’m reading everything. Thanks


welcome @donna7!


oooh that was sneaky not tagging me lmaoooo

(shakes fist)


Was a great night though…:wink:




Welcome @donna7 :raised_hand:


i hear ya, i just got back from 1 month vaca


I knew you’d get around to seeing it eventually! LMAO

That’s what made it even funnier to me. I’ve been anxiously awaiting your reaction! :grinning:


Welcome to all the new people! You found an awesome place here!!! Glad to have you :blush:


Hi, I’ve been here for a few weeks, but haven’t really said much. @Cutlass92 is my hubby and he’s trying to force me to be more active. :joy: I’ll be over here in the corner, quietly watching… stalking. :wink:


Welcome Mrs. Molly! Nice to have you here!
It’s always better when it’s a family affair!

BTW, are you sure you mean forced? lol
Coerced I can easily believe… But thus far, he hasn’t struck me as the type to use force! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing:


Hahaha, ok, “coerced” then!!!