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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


WHAT! i force her all the time, i FORCE her to go to dinner with me, i FORCE her to relax!


new to this. hope im posting correctly. quit smoking (AS one ppd ) one week ago tomorrow. started vaping after a friend quit and bought me an RX75, as she knew me well enough to know i wouldnt stick with my quit without something. must admit, while i saw the generosity in her gift, i felt a little hijacked.lol.
so far im really enjoying it. im using ripe vapes vct 6 mg and i think taking the nicotine withdrawl out of the equasion is helping me process the psychological side of my dependence. having some crappy feelings of guilt, remorse etc daily right now . but i have passed the bargaining stage i think! thats a big deal for me.
i started smoking at 13. while my friends could pick it up or put it down if they diddnt have money for cigs, i was the one going theough couch cushions for change. i knew very early that i was a chainer. i stopped for all three pregnancies. took it back up as soon as i could after. quit for 10 years and started again the day i filed for divorce. thumbing my nose at external sources controling me i suppose, or just self indulgence. i dont know. my thinking at the time was “i can do whatever i want now. i can just smoke when the kids are away and no one even needs to know!” i was back to a full ppd in less than one week.
i lost my father to lung cancer 2 years ago. he never outwardly acknowledged smoking as its cause as he had quit years prior and was jist old school. he never judged me for continuing. if anything my use ramped up considerably after loosing him. something ive learned from quit/fails is that its more than just addiction for me. it is escapism.
anyway, im a new vaper and may branch out into diy eventually. for now just looking for like minded people and suggestions are welcome. hope i diddnt break any codes in my post. if i did, let me know and ill delete. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing. Pretty sure that a lot of us had bumpy rides quitting the addiction. Glad you made it through thus far. Welcome to the family. Everybody here is here to help so just sing out when you need to.


Welcome Molly. So you’re the better half, eh?


Welcome @bonbon1 :raised_hand:


Some days!


Thanks for sharing your story, glad your here! Stick with it, it only gets easier! Ask all the questions you need to, lots of smart people here!


Hey! What are you trying to say?
She definitely is!


Hello @Molly_Mcghee and @bonbon1! :grin:


Hi all!

Been lurking around on this (and other forums) for some time, and picked up a ton of good information about flavors, DIY mixing, tanks/coils and other vape ware.

I have been DIY’ing for about a couple of years, but mostly working my way through my 300+ flavors, single testing and taking notes. Lately I have started to head for the deeper waters, and are playing around with flavor combinations, and test mixes.

My main vape is tobacco’s, I like a cold MTL vape, but have tried drippers, RBA’s and clearomizers. I decided the fog machine style of vaping was not for me, and I’m now happy puffing away on old protank I and II’s.
Ordered the new Aspire Nautilus 2 today, and hope it’s a good MTL tank for my tobacco mixes.

I’m 48, living in Norway with my wife and 3 kids. Working as a SAP developer/functional designer.

I smoked cigarettes for the most part of my life, but tossed them away a few years back, and have never looked back. Vaping is both a hobby and a passion - to bad this stuff was not available when I was a youngster :slight_smile:

Looking forward to getting to know you all, and in advance thank you all for your wonderful comments/contributions, and your willingness to share and help other out!

My hat’s off to you all!



Great to have you on board Zinfandel :+1::grin:


Welcome! Good to have you here! And I like your name. :wink: :wine_glass:


Welcome!! Congratulations on quitting the smokes. You sound a lot like me, picked up the habit quickly, quit for every pregnancy, and then went right back to it thinking I could be sneaky, but they ended up sneaking back up on me. I hope you enjoy it here, its lots of fun! You’ll be diying before you know it, and you’ll like it…! :wink:


Hi @Molly_Mcghee! :wave: Good to have you here!! Now I know who to talk to when @Cutlass92 gets outta line… Lol!


Welcome to all the new members. Congrats to all the analog quitters.
Great place and people here to learn many things about vaping and DIY e-juicing.


I like how you are assuming I have any control over @Cutlass92!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Well I am just a guy!


Joel, 31

I can lift a full grown horse above my head, and I can hold my breath for 10 minutes. To settle a wager I once ate a pound of peanut butter, fouke’s strongest badger poison and then ran a mile in the nude. I cannot feel pain and I can see for two miles unaided by a lense. No man can kill me, I have beaten a man of every race in formal combat, including a Turk, a pygmy negro man and a rare deepwater Jew. A medical doctor and two priests have written a document confirming I have no soul.

I like to vape.


Welcome @Zinfandel :raised_hand:


Just that you’re the worst half LOL
Just kiddin’ you know we love ya.