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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Lol! (I need my :joy: emoji!!)


I know, right?


I too like your name. White Zin is my favorite. I’ll even drink it out of a box. Yes, I am a heathen.


Like straight out of the box, like a Capri sun!




I thought so just wanted to confirm.


Only problem is the straws are too small…but a piece of garden hose works just fine.


I hear ya, need that quick delivery system!





Oddly enough, I have the feeling that you can get those at tar-zshay!


im a newbie here. I was told by my dr that I had to quit smoking for 2 weeks prior and 4 weeks after a knee replacement. So it’s been 5-6 weeks since I quit smoking (2 weeks after surgery) still going strong. I tried several juices but not happy so I started to make my own. So far I’ve only copied others but I will get the hang of it yet. I just like to see the knowledge of other people and live and learn. Hope to get some hints from you all.


Glad your here @steven33! Lots of smart people here, ask your questions, we will try to help.


Great to have you here! :smiley:


Welcome @steven33!


It’s nice to see others enjoy “a glass” of wine too. Even though the water hose with direct injection is a thing of the past for me, the bottles/boxes seem to run out rather quickly these days too… must be the dry air :smile:



If dumb Minnesota would let Target sell wine (we can only buy wine at liquor stores) I think I might live there.


Welcome! Congrats on your success!


Try this one on for size, the only places that can sell cold beer at liquor stores and gas stations and no one can sell alcohol on sundays, or holidays. Here in Indiana.


The only alcohol we can buy outside of a liquor store is 3.2 beer (aka headache in a can). But we just had Sunday sales go into effect last month, so now I don’t have to drive to Wisconsin on Sundays anymore!


I just go down to the px, my friends used to be like how did you get that? :sunglasses:


Welcome @steven33 :slight_smile: