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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Hello Jenny, I was smoking camel activate, that with menthol ball to pop up inside the filtre, I guess Im OPEN minded for all kind of eliquids, I started with the Halo Kringles Curse, fresh menthol I like it , but I also like lemon and fruits, Love the snake oil eliquid original from Stanley Clarks from the UK.
I like tobaccos too, pipe tobaccos, fresh, menthol, bubblegums, custards, Vanilla, willing to try Out new Stuff and stay off cigarretes, Im more MTL guy myself.
Cheers, thank You for your guidance.


PA is the Same way! And beer is only at places that hold a special license. So, a beer distributor if you need a case, a six pack or a 40, etc…Are basically food service places that can sell alcohol to go, but can’t serve it in the premises. And apparently only the people who have those licenses already are grandfathered in. I don’t think new ones can open. And Sunday sales we just made legal in the last few years.


Freakin’ laws… ruin all the fun.


I’m must gonna start a big ol’ no-dumb-laws commune. People can sell gin out of their bathtubs and beer out of their garages. Who’s coming with me?! Newbies welcome! Lmao


I’m in!! :joy::joy: in fact, you should run for office on that platform. You’d win in a landslide!


Hi Molly!! Thank you for your advice!!


I used to get those every once in a while. I loved cracking the little flavor ball in them. There are some people on here, @Kinnikinnick in particular, who make their own Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NETS) for vaping. He could give you some real insight on getting that tobacco flavor you like, if that’s a route you would be interested in. I still enjoy some menthol tobacco juice now and then. And @Ken_O_Where is the best person to speak to about custards. You can check out some of his recipes on that side of the site. I am kind of an across the board vaper, I like a little bit of everything. I have been getting more into fruits lately, tropical fruits are my favorite ones. I also really non-tobacco menthol with fruit flavors mixed in. Hopefully you will start finding recipes that you love! Everyone here is so helpful!!


Welcome Steven! It’s great that you are continuing with the doctor’s recommendations! So few people do. I hope that you find vaping and mixing enjoyable enough to stick with it now! I still am using other people’s recipes, I have been mixing for about 4 months. I am trying to put a few of my own together, but the recipes based on the knowledge of people who have been mixing so long is much easier to use and usually those come out better! You will start to find incredible tastes that you love. Even if it is in a single flavor juice! Good luck with your knee!


Welcome Zinfandel! Good job on being of cigarettes for so long!! :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: I am also a big fan of trying my flavors all singularly, getting familiar with them, seeing what the difference is between brands. Though I only have about half the flavors you do!! That’s quite a collection! I really like to use my single flavors to test together in my tank. A few drops of this and that. I’d like to say it’s “research” but really I just like to have a bit of fun. Lol! I also do this as a very non-accurate way to test a recipe. My measurements are not exact but I get a general idea of how the flavors taste together. I try to do it in some sort of proportionate way.

Glad to have you here!! It’s a wonderful place!


Welcome Vicki!!
Did you get a chance to do some mixing over the weekend? If so, how did it go?

You found one of the best places on the internet for support, help, and getting any questions about vaping answered. Best group of people anywhere!

I am always on here reading, reading and more reading, trying to soak in all of the collective knowledge. Or, just to have a laugh sometimes!

We’re glad you are here!


Thanks for the encouragement. I have only done a few little batches. As far as trying my own recipes I don’t know what goes good together. Just going through the recipes there are juices that you don’t think would be right. Tried and true is the safe way to go for now. The knee is doing great from what the drs say.


You are very welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t know what really goes together either! Lol! I leave it mostly to those with the experience. A few small batches is an excellent way to start! You don’t want to make a ton of something that you don’t like! And that is excellent news on your knee!! So happy to hear that!


Semi-new DIY’er here. I attempted to learn about DIY a couple of years ago by going through the ECF DIY section. I soon found that to be a bit daunting - too much information to sift through. Then Brian and Dustin started the “Fresh from the Kitchen” spot on the Vapor Chronicles on youtube and I started back in. Tossed out all of the flavors I’d bought two years ago and started fresh. The biggest thing that helped was the pointer to ELR and the vast number of recipes available. Not to mention the facebook groups for this and DIYorDIE… Plenty of experienced mixers giving free advice for newbies was a godsend. I now have around 150 flavors in my stash and dozens of recipes I bought them for haven’t even been mixed yet. I don’t have the time to taste test my flavorings to see how they best work for me, but I have no problem with taking something that someone posted that looks good and trying to mix it myself. I think the first dozen or so recipes I tried really didn’t work for me, but then I hit on a few that I really liked. That’s expanded to almost a dozen that I mix regularly now. Even with what I’ve spent on flavorings, I’m still ahead.


Welcome @davidh :raised_hand:


Welcome to the family @steven33 and @davidh

Great place for all things vaping.


Thanks for the welcome. I’m sure that I have a lot to learn and this site seems like a good place to learn


hi my name will be Lowlandshaman as I live 5 meters below sea level here in the north west lowlands of the Netherlands. Greetings to all diy people hunting down the matrix of aromas. I will join you and help where I can hunting down those diamonds of recipes forward ever forward!


Welcome, this is a great fourum with tons of wonderful people!


Appreciate your warm welcome


Only four chairs??

OooOOOoooh, this is gonna be a mean-assed game of musical chairs!! :rofl: