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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Welcome one and all to the cloudiest place on earth.


Hello everyone new here I’ve popped in a few times want to officially say hello all


Welcome @RonMack :raised_hand:


Welcome @RonMack


Hello and welcome!!


Thank you for the welcome


Thank you makes a guy feel welcome for sure


Thank you for the welcome here


While I’m visiting this topic I will take the opportunity to welcome all the new additions to our forum.
I can’t keep up but I promise I will do this every once in a while.
So here it is, welcome all of you to the best vape forum on the planet :hugs:


Good to finally do a proper introduction, I’ve been stinky free since 12/2012, been mixing since 6/2013 first 2 batches went down the drain lol


Welcome @RonMack


Where in WI are you from? I’m in the woods in WI too :grin: I’m in Oconto County


Hello everyone.
I switched from tobacco to ecigs 8 years ago. I have just started mixing my own eliquid recipes and this place is the best for good recipes.

Since I’m new to mixing, I won’t be contributing to new recipes for a while but I will be mixing from the recipes I have found here and a few I have collected from other ecig forums.

I have stocked up for the vape apocalypse but I need to be able to mix flavorful liquids.

Great website!


Welcome @Beckah :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I have been vaping for about 3.5 years now, mixing and DIY for about 3. After months of buying all kinds of mixing equipment, flavors, testing kits, and reading up on chemistry, safety, etc, I finally found my go-to ADV, which I have enjoyed consistently for the last couple of years. I realized I had never shared it publicly and wanted to share my favorite mix with you all. I posted my first recipe, Monkey Island Melons today, and would really appreciate if anyone would be willing to mix up a batch, try it out and let me know what you think. I am perfectly happy with it the way it is, but would love some suggestions from the ‘sweet’ crowd out there.


Welcome @BigCh33z :slight_smile:


Hello! I live in Athens Greece, i like to paint, to make video art, make music, to cook, and to make eliquids. Happy vaping!


Great to have you here @Laberythm! :grin:


Welcome @BigCh33z!


Welcome @Laberythm!