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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Welcome @Laberythm :raised_hand:


Hello there


Welcome @RonMack


Hello All, I don’t think I ever really did the proper intro, So here it goes, I have been a vaper for the last five years, I follow other vaping forums, I have been mixing for the last 3 years and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge not to mention flavors and gear, most of my recipes I have as privet here because most are works in progress, I would like to thank many here that have helped me the list is to long though. I have been lurking in the shadows for a while. And really cant remember when I started with ELR. But just wanted to say hello, And thank you, for not only information, but another site to visit regularly, many of the faces here are becoming regular in the threads I read. Many say that this site is filled with bad mixing advice, well that may be true to a extent, but if you get to know who is posting you will get solid advice. Shout out to the few who I look for @Amy2, @SessionDrummer, @Kinnikinnick, @Ken_O_Where, @authormichellehughes, @RuntDastardly, @MysticRose and many more sorry if I missed a lot! Any way thanks. I am on ECF as Clark Kent, no relation to To Super Man or any other people named Clark or Kent, but did grow up in a little town named Metropolis.


Thank you @nicomanteno. I’d never heard ^^^^^^ about ELR before, but conceivably anything on the web could be suspect. I’m constantly surprised about how much GOOD information I get here. Mixing, flavors, devices, mods, the whole vaping thing I believe is covered pretty damn good here. Still surprised.

Not sure if my posts belong with the heavy hitters you mentioned, hehe, but thank you. Two more sly foxes you should watch out for are @VapeyMama, and @Alisa. Welcome from the lurking, to the posting !!!


Oh yeah, like I said, I was sure I was missing many, And there are Quite a few that have the best sense of humor, and funny wits. Just seen I joined a few years ago but never really posted much or discussed much.


Don’t worry, if I posted everyone who helped me, or gave good advice, I’d go past the character limit.


I am woefully behind in welcoming new members. Life happened since my last post here.

So, welcome all new members!!! Glad you found ELR!


Wow, thank you for the shout out, and welcome!!! I lurked for a longggg time before posting as well. I’ve always been insecure, shy, and don’t feel I have the proper knowledge to share and would be one of those…

Most of the members on here are so accepting and nice, they have made me feel like part of the group, and only laugh at me and my attempts in a very teasing and forgiving manner.

Anyway, welcome, and very glad you decided to stop lurking :wink:

And welcome to everyone else here that I have never said hello to I don’t think I ever read this entire thread, may have started and never finished, and don’t even remember if I introduced myself? I’m going to start at the beginning and try to learn a bit about people, not that my memory will ever retain it :frowning:


Welcome to my world you Thornish Spoonie you :sunglasses:


Hello, and thank you for the welcome


Most welcome man. What’s your favorite flavor o’ vape? I’m enjoying some
apple strudle at the moment. Hope you enjoy ELR. Lot’s of very nice and
knowledgeable folks.


Long time vaper since 2014. I just started mixing a few months ago and love the FREEDOM of it.
Building claptons and looking to get into Ni and fused Claptons.
Looks like a lot of good info on this site and I love the recipes!!!

Thanks all and welcome to all the newbies. Feel free to pm me q’s and Ill try to help!



Welcome @devondotr :raised_hand:


Thanks Mark, know of any good recipes with oatmeal? I could use a good breakfast vape! :stuck_out_tongue:


I eat these things for breakfast, lunch &/or dinner :joy:
The closest flavor profile I have based on your description.


Oooh, will have to sub the VC and Meringue but I’ll be mixing this tasty looking number!

And welcome @devondotr - good to have you here :grin:


Oh good, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have :heart:


Vanilla Custard has been my all day vape, just started playing around with some fruit/berry mixes as of lately, just really getting into adding some Flavors to the rotation


Hi there, I switched from cigs about 2 months ago, and I research everything in my life so I quickly found out about DIY mixing and saw how much cheaper it is, how you can make things just how you want, and the awesome community that comes with it! No more horrible store experiences for me! They’re either rude, or don’t know what they’re doing. I’ve even had a shop that didn’t have much at all for sample in tanks so they dropped awful drops on my finger for me to try, which doesn’t necessarily let you get a great idea of the flavor so I have 60ml of banana nut bread I just don’t love… I’ve checked this site out the past month I’ve made stuff and made an account recently since I just got another batch of flavors and feel like I can really try stuff out now. Anyway, I’m babbling and just want to say hi!! Thanks for welcoming us noobs to your community!! :hugs::triumph: