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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Welcome to the forums, Kitticus, and congrats on your decision to quit smoking :balloon: Great name btw, lol


Welcome @Kitticus_Catticus! :smiley_cat:


Welcome @Kitticus_Catticus :raised_hand:


Pleased to have you @Kitticus_Catticus!
Make yourself at home! Lots of great reading ahead. :wink:

Some real gems tucked away in these hallowed recesses, but please overlook the occasional (but rare) bit of…ermm, “mental droppings” that you may run across. :laughing:


Good to meet you @Kitticus_Catticus

Welcome to the group, and congrats on kicking the stinkies!!!


wellcome @Kitticus_Catticus glad to have you here! this is a wonderful group of people!


Welcome aboard @Kitticus_Catticus! Great to have you here :+1::grin:


Welcome to ELR! Have fun!

Wow, quite janky… :joy:


Welcome @devondotr and @Kitticus_Catticus and anyone else I’ve missed. Glad you found ELR!


Wow, thanks everyone! Glad I found a site that looks to be everything I need! I’ve already learned so much and can’t wait to find out more. Thanks for letting me be a part of something awesome! Now I got my name, I gotta figure out the avatar. :grin::grin: Have a great week guys!


Hello all, smoked since I was about 13 as you did in the UK then, 44 now so long time ago. Been off cigs about 18 months maybe 2 years, best thing I have done. I have never looked back been looking through the site looks great. I have been a member for a while but never introduced myself. Also I have not been logged on for a while but anyway won’t rattle on, hello all.


Hey spaced!, welcome to the madhouse mate :wink:


Welcome @spaced :raised_hand:


Welcome and glad you joined.​​


Not sure if this is the right introductory thread… all a bit confusing if you ask me… So without further ado… I’m Dave. Non smoker since 2016… zero nic user since summer 2016. I have been around and have 4 complete recipes on this site that have taken me a year to develop/tweak. I’m a member of UK Homebrew facebook page too so I’m not completely unfamiliar around the place… well maybe just here.

As a job… if you can call it that, I’m a freelance photographer and shoot events and portraits with the odd wedding thrown in here and there.

I will be launching my ‘home brew’ concentrates at some point in the near future… I’m literally just waiting on a few essentials to be finished and all will be good to go.

Hope to see some of you around and thanks for having me.


Hello and welcome :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Welcome @spaced! Always nice to see a new face!


Welcome @Irish_Mizt congratulations on being nic free!


Welcome to the recent joiners! Glad you decided to join us :slight_smile:


Welcome and glad you joined, nic free here too.