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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Hi … im just newbie … hope can share something soon


Welcome @Sastraputih :raised_hand:


Welcome all the new peoples!! :grin:


Glad you joined. Greetings.


new kid on the block havent even bought my mixing stuff yet a little scared to be honest but hope is goes well. im from pennsylvania been vaping for 5 yrs and thought id give diy a try hope it works out for me. my name is chris hrobak


Welcome. You’ll love it in no time. Good choice :slight_smile:


Welcome @Hobag :raised_hand:


Welcome aboard Chris! Don’t be scared - you’ll do just fine :+1::wink:


Welcome aboard spaced


Welcome to the club chris


Glad you finally made it here, enjoy


Welcome @Hobag! I’m pretty new to this whole DIY thing too (about 2 months). Don’t worry, just about EVERYONE here are very kind and helpfull. Hope you enjoy!


Hello @ All,

Small introduction, i been here a while but never realy gotten the time to read fully trough the forum.
Also mixing but mostly single flavors momenteraly.
Still experimenting with the base & nicotine base.

Sorry for my english, i will learn when i start replying more i guess :smiley:

Talk soon !


Hi @Brunkezz , welcome to the greatest vaping community on the internet. So if you read this here, you know it must be true.


Welcome @Brunkezz :raised_hand:


Welcome, all I can recommend is read a lot!


Nice to have you here Love the name! I would recommend starting with this thread!


Welcome @Brunkezz


Welcome everyone…so good to see new faces. Not that there is anything wrong with the old faces :wink:


Welcome, and I understand you clearly.
Your English is 100X better than my Portuguese.