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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Hey err’body!! I’m about a year into DIY and still don’t trust my instincts to fly solo on a recipe so keep em coming!! I’ll get there someday!! LOL


Welcome @Libba99 :raised_hand:


Great to meet you! :wave:

New flavour thinking of mixing

hi guys n girls im new here been on site few days…got sick spending to much money on juices so looked into mixing and here i am…iv done a couple mixes now and they have come out not to bad…but im open to tip n pointers any 1 may have for me look forward to hearing from yous :grin::grin:


Welcome @tbw_vape_juices :raised_hand:


Welcome aboard! Great to have you here :grin:


Welcome @Libba99 , Lots of variety to find here :wink:


Welcome @tbw_vape_juices , Get ready to save some money !


Welcome to the rabbit hole! My best recommendation is to read, read, read! And when you think you can’t read anymore go mix up some testers and read the flavor notes!


Hello everyone. Found you all by watching some reviews on utube. Couldn’t believe my luck. I have never been on something llike this before so be gentle with me. I am a North Country girl from Lancashire in England but now live on the South Coast. (It’s warmer). I have been vaping only for a very short time but wanted to try my hand at building my own coils and making my own juice. I know I have made a rod for my own back but in for a penny in for a pound as we say over here. I am looking forward to making new friends and picking all your brains; but not too painfully I hope.


Welcome to the group to everyone I missed.

Hope you all make yourself at home, we are a harmless bunch…mostly :wink:


Welcome @Silverlock :balloon:


Great to have you here lass! :smiley:


Welcome @Silverlock :raised_hand:


Greetings and salutations.

Been vapin for some time now. Retired a couple of years ago but still involved with a couple of businesses. Have too many mods and atties. Too many favorite mixes. Ya, it’s a hobby. An ammo can full of wire spools. Watched this forum from time to time and decided it might be nice to chat about the hobby a little. I enjoy reading other folks thoughts on the subject, at least for the most part. Have seen some bitter posts but I am going to try to steer clear of that. I think I know most of the hot heads already. So anyway, I’ve been polite. I wonder if I will get another badge for that?


well met and welcome


There ya go! Welcome! :grin:



That’s too funny. Honestly, I did laugh out loud.


Good, that’ll keep you healthy, lol. Wear it with pride!


Whoever you are, you are very intuitive. Scary intuitive. lol. I like you already.