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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Lmao, oooh, you have no idea! :smile: Nice to meet you, Smiley


Welcome @SmilingOgre :raised_hand:




Plenty of room for polite Ogre’s around these parts my friend :wink: welcome to the forum :grin:


Hi, thank you for your welcome.


Guess I’ve put it off long enough seeing as how I’ve been using the forum for about a week and the site in general since August of last year.

Hi, my name is Rob. I use to work for Kmart. Lost my job of 7 years when the store closed earlier this year. I use to do merchandise claims (sending excess, recalled and/or defective merchandise back to the manufacture, filing claims to have merchandise destroyed on site, handling and storing hazardous waste for proper disposal, shipping damaged office equipment, ect.) Also I was the primary forklift operator and alternate receiving lead. Now I’m unemployed. But I’m finally getting around to the vacation I had put off for two years, so silver lining there.

I mentioned in another post that I have two cats. Both are blue point saimese. The older one is 23 years old and the kitten is about 5 months old now. I’ll post a picture once I can get them to play nice with each other.

Right now my only goal, other than finding work that is, is to successfully make a Fryd Banana clone. I’m getting pretty close. :yum:


Welcome @RobQ :raised_hand:


Welcome @Silverlock ,
No question stays unawnsered (for as far as i know at least :wink: )


Welcome @SmilingOgre !


Welcome @RobQ !


Welcome, Rob, and good luck on your Fryd Banana mix!


Welcome and good luck in your search for employment! I just started a new job yesterday, so I can relate there.


Nice to meet you @Silverlock, you have no idea how much self control I had to use with your statement of

So with that out of the way welcome! Oh and read as much as you can, most of the answers are here!


Welcome @RobQ! Sorry to hear about your job loss, congratulations on the vacation! I’m sure you will find something soon! And good luck on the clone!


A little late but thank you, jen. What a great time i have doing this. Check me iut on Koda’s Klouds on facebook. Im sure you could teach me something. Great day to you


That made me laugh. Didn’t mean to get you into a tizzy. Thank you so much for your welcome, and yes I do intend to read and read and read. The problem is that my brain suddenly decides that its had enough and packs its bags and takes off into the wilderness leaving me wondering what my name is. Things are so complicated with so much to learn. Being a VL; Vaping Learner, (I could have said VV; Vaping Virgin but I don’t want you having any more self control problems) is not easy but I know that I am in the right place now. Once again thanks for making me feel at home.


I’m glad you feel welcome! It’s only as complicated as you make it, honestly start with single flavor mixes and if you want something more complex then mix one of the proven recipes that sound good to you!


It took me a full year before I finally hit the trigger and ordered up all the goodies I needed to start mixing. After my first batch was mixed up, I was pretty pleased with myself. When I vaped my first home-brew, I was hooked! It’s really easy-even more so if you mix by weight rather than by volume. Clean up is an absolute snap, and it’s easier to get repeatable results(My opinion, anyways)

If you haven’t made the plunge yet, find a couple of well-received/highly rated recipes that look good to you, order up the flavors for those recipes, some VG, PG, nicotine and a scale and have at it. I’m guessing that you’ll be as happy with the results as I was. Welcome to the monkey house-Cheers!


I think we’re brothers from different mothers! I’ll get deep into learning something, and then…

Welcome to the helpin’est place on the interwebbytubes-Cheers!


I think that should be our official slogan!