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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


I won’t even ask for royalties!


It’s funny what different paths we follow to end up at the same place -here-
I read about some folks taking a year to research and plan what juices to buy before mixing for the first time. Personally I just ordered a starter kit with some flavors that “sounded good” and threw some (horrible) juice together before realizing I really needed professional grade help.
At the end of the day, here we are. Glad to have each and every vapehead along for the ride. May we all live long and make the smokers scratch their heads in wonder untill the day they join us!


With me it isn’t squirrels it’s FOOD. Thank you for your lovely welcome. By the way, I love your name but it conjours up all manner of strange things in my over active imagination. How true that this is indeed the helpin’est place on the interwebbytube. Never found anything to match all the lovely people on here. Still deciding what flavours to buy. Love fruits but also custards and stuff. At least Vaping the sweet things doesn’t make my waistline expand.


Isn’t that the truth! My kids eat ice cream, I vape it. :wink:


My moniker/nom de plume comes from one of my favorite short stories, PAINGOD, by the fine writer Harlan Ellison, and also the fact that I live/struggle with chronic pain(Pain? GAWD!)

As to vaping the sweets as opposed to eating them, I’ve of the same mind as well. I try to keep a slew of dessert-style vapes on hand at all times, because I am a cake junkie and my waistline shows it! If I wasn’t vaping, I’d probably be strutting around town in a mu mu…

For your “first flavors”, find a couple of juices that sound good and are highly rated over on the recipe side. If you search for a word, say, “custard”, once you have your search results you can then have them sort by rating. Once you have found two or three flavors that ring your bell, go to a vendor’s site and order the flavorings required. Once you have your flavors, VG, PG and nicotine(if you use it) get to mixing them up! I highly recommend mixing by weight-dead easy, and easy to clean up!


Thank you for explaining your nom de plume. I don’t know that author but perhaps it’s time I did. I am so sorry that you are living with chronic pain. It must be utterly exhausting for you, but I do like your sense of humour. Never lose that please.

Thank you so much for your comments about the juices. I shall definitely do as you say and head over to Recipes; the problem arises when there are so many lovely flavours out there that I want to try. Fruits sound good to begin with, followed VERY quickly by custards and creams. Lovely. I have a very slight problem though. Patience was NEVER one of my virtues and having to wait for them to ‘mature’ will be agony. I know I will keep staring at the bottles and they will keep staring back at me with smug expressions. I shall have to find some shake & vapes to keep me going. I have already decided to mix by weight and have got AWS scales from America. I am all in favour of NOT having to clear up a whole lot of mess after a mixing session. Just call me a lazy bones.

You have got my imagination going again. ‘strutting round town in a Mu Mu’ . THAT sounds interesting ? Is that legal?


And custards and creams and cakes as well. All to be enjoyed with a feeling a deep happines and no regrets. An innocent pleasure that isn’t illegal. At least not yet it isn’t!!!


I’m in California-a dude in a mu mu is the least of the legislator’s worries!:rofl:


Who was it who told me to go over to Recipes and find a flavour that rings my bell? Oh yes. It was YOU, the Californian Dude in a MuMu. Well I did as you advised and now I’m broke!!! This is all YOUR fault and I blame you entirely for the fact that I now have fruits and custards and creams winging their way to me. Boy, some of those recipes sound gorgeous and my fancy has never been quite so tickled. Waiting now with bated breath for the postman to knock on my door. Am going to begin with very simple things, a single flavour or perhaps two at most. I really must NOT run before I can walk although the temptation is going to be massive. So thanks again for your sage advice. Just don’t send me anywhere else. I can’t afford it. :blush:


Hello, everyone, i’m from jakarta, my name is sayid.
I’ve been stalking this forum and website for a few months now, and have been posting a few questions, but i forgot to introduce myself.
I just got my first delivery of flavors, pg vg and some mixing stuff, including a magnetic stirrer. I bought them all second hand from a guy that my friend knows, because he feels like he couldn’t keep up with this, and decided to go back to smoking cigarette.
I still smoke cigarettes, but much less now that i started vaping again, this time with an rta, and not a 510 atomizers.
So i just made my first juice, a vanilla pudding like with some caramel. i thought it was heavenly, but when i gave it to my friend he just said “dump everything, and start over. You don’t want to poison yourself like this” :grin:
Clearly i need to learn more. Thank you all for having me.


Welcome @delltrapp :raised_hand:


As long as you mix safely don’t worry about what your friend says. DIY is all about mixing something YOU ENJOY. Not everyone’s taste is the same.


Being objective, it was horrible, really. I just realise that i put too much vanilla custard in it…


Well, you did say it was heavenly :grin: Like I said mix for yourself


Next mix, i’m just gonna go with the recipes here :grin:


Hi, I’ve been lurking and reading here for a couple of weeks so I thought I’d better be polite and introduce myself. I gave up a 30 year smoking ‘lifestyle’ when the TPD hit the UK and my flavoured tobacco disappeared overnight. That was in May. Since then I’ve been on a fast track to here via MTL tobacco replacement vaping, to sub ohm-ing, to DIY-ing. Tried a bit of rebuilding as well but that didn’t go so well lol.
There are many complaints about the TPD but for me it was a gift. Not only am I clean and stink-free but I have a new hobby and I can BREATHE! Clearly I needed a kick up the arse to achieve that.
Anyway, just want to acknowledge all the folks who take the trouble to share their knowledge and experience. I hope to be able to have some (knowledge & experience) so that I can do the same further down the line :slight_smile:


Welcome out of the shadows Jellybean and congratulations on getting the kick up the arse you needed :wink: and also congrats for finding the best forum known to man…and woman :grin::ok_hand:
Welcome aboard 🖒


Welcome Jellybean to the happiest place on earth, oh wait, that’s Disneyland


Welcome to the fray delltrapp


Welcome @Jellybean :raised_hand: