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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Hi all, I’m from Cairns Australia.

I’m 38 years old and I was a smoker for most of my life and I’ve wanted to stop smoking for most of my life. I tried just about every quitting technique known but always returned to the cigs until someone suggested vaping. Now I’ve been vaping for about a year and have no desire for cigarettes any more.

I am still a slave to the nicotine, however my blood pressure has dropped from dangerous to normal, I’m saving about $120 AUD per week and I no longer feel sick all the time and the persistent throat infections that I used to suffer from have stopped and I no longer stink of smoke. The benefits have changed my life!

I started on the DIY path in order to save money and reduce the amount of nicotine bearing fluids that I’m importing to the country (its illegal to buy nicotine juice in Australia but we can import it through loopholes in the law). This provides me with more confidence that I won’t run out of nicotine and return to the cigs.

I’d like to thank you all for sharing your knowledge and recipes, this resource is fantastic! I wouldn’t know where to begin without your generosity and community spirit.

Special thanks to Alisa for Bust-A-Nut. Nothing comes close IMO.

Awesome work folks, keep the juices flowing!


Welcome @cooper1 !


Welcome @Jellybean !


Welcome @cooper1 & @Jellybean glad you both found us all.

@cooper1 if you need any help sourcing stuff in Au feel free to drop me a line - I am way down south (not two head Tasmania)


Thanks woftam, I’ve got my suppliers pretty well sorted out. You got a shop?


No mate I do sell a bit but no b&m.


Move to Cairns, we can start a shop! :grinning::+1: And get rich:grinning::grinning::grinning:

Sorry for the off topic post.


Lmao noooooo too hot and wet. I love my snow and cold winters.


Welcome @delltrapp !


Welcome to the forum @Jellybean
No question stays unawnsered here :wink:


Welcome @cooper1
Strange thing that nicotine concentrate is forbidden while cigarets are almost trown to your head…
Weard law systems…


Vaping nicotine is illegal too in the state that I live in (Queensland) LOL. Australia is run by munted fucktards.


Welcome @cooper1 :raised_hand:


Hi Everyone. My name is Matt, I’m 35, on the Southern West Coast of Canada, and quit smoking 39 days ago. Was a pack a day smoker for the past 20 years and decided to do something about it. Starting with a pen style vape (Evod) to see if it could eliminate my cravings, which it did to a very surprising degree, I quickly outgrew the device and picked up a Pico 25 which solved every downside of the Evod. Ive now been using it for 25 days and have zero desire to go back to the coffin nails.

I have tried a bunch of different juices but quickly found out that it’s not really as cheap as I anticipated it would be. While still cheaper than cigs, by doing some of the legwork myself, I found I could further cut costs. In doing some research on making my own juices, I came across this site, signed up, and here we are!

I look forward to learning and to start mixing my own concoctions and have no doubt that the wealth of information found here will help me do just that.

-Matt/Coffaholic (I love coffee :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)




Welcome @Coffaholic :raised_hand:


welcome aboard, all are welcome but the ones that research and use ELR as a tool and not just q&a are very welcome in my book! We have a few nadians aboard in forums and a @Joel5 unfortunately lives among u! Never feel inhihibited : speeling" about asking and joing chat ch.


2 likes in 2 mins? i supose he is that cute…


Welcome @Coffaholic! Plenty of coffee flavored vape recipes on here too. One word of advice… use very sparingly as a little coffee goes a loooong way in a vape mix (personal experience). Some are much better then others too. I’ve heard “cup of joe” is one of the most realistic flavors but haven’t tried it yet myself. Good luck and Vape On!


ah well crap in a cracker, its a welcome not…but anyways