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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Hello @Coffaholic and welcome. Kind of coffaholic me too. I drink 3 double coffes per day thats meen all day coffe and vape!


Hi I’m new and trying to mix my own juice… Love all the work u guys have on here as


Welcome @Mayhem :raised_hand:


Welcome @Mayhem! We were all new once. You probably won’t do a lot worse then when I started mixing. Have fun!


Welcome to the forum @Coffaholic and congratz on your progres !
You will find this forum has alot to offer ! :slight_smile:


Welcome @Mayhem !!


Hi all, My name is Maarten and i live in the Netherlands. Been here for a while, tried multiple recipes and learning new ones every day. I’m not a talented mixer so i love all the great recipes others make and share here. Recently i ‘discovered’ the forums and boy there is a lot of good info here. I’m planning staying here for a while so i thought it would be nice to say hi. So -drum roll- here it is: Hi. :blush:


Hello all, been here on the forum for a few days now and have been just diving in head first so I figured it was time to formally introduce myself. My name is John, (31) I live in Upstate NY (Adirondacks). I’ve been vaping for 4yrs and 100% DIY for a little over 2yrs now. There were some costly liquids on the commercial market I enjoyed, but was burning a hole in my wallet after awhile lol. So, after being disappointed in juices more often than not, I made the leap into DIY and haven’t looked back. Learned a lot from the recipe side of ELR and still learning as I think we can all say. Was urged to join in on the forum, and well, here I am! :sunglasses: So, it’s nice to meet all of u and I’m glad to be a part of this family, at long last.


Hoi @MTR76 & Hi @ADKmac

Welcome to the forum!


Thank u, glad to be here!


welcome @MTR76 :raised_hand:


Welcome @ADKmac :raised_hand:


Thanks brother, hello👋🏻


Welcome, MTR76!


Suuuuup ADKmac!


Sorry was at work😑 Lol wuts shakin’ @VapeyMama?


Welcome new peoples :wave::smiley::grin:


Welcome @ADKmac and @MTR76 ! Glad to have ya aboard.


What’s up everyone? I’m Osvaldo and just started vaping 2 weeks ago. I’m in texas. Buying juice in my town isn’t that costly cuz shops around here mix there own 30 ml bottles and charge 7.50 for the flavor of the day which from what I can tell is pretty cheap but I saw a diy or die video and I was intrigued and found my way to this forum. I think this place is awesome and had to join. I’ve already learned a lot and haven’t even stared my journey.


Welcome @Oso1 ! :+1: