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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Welcome @Oso1! Congrats on finding the best forum ever. :wink: Glad to hear you’ve learned a lot already! See ya around the forums!


Welcome @Oso1 :raised_hand:


Welcome again @Oso !
Its here where you will become pro! :+1:


How long should I steep this for. Just mixed my first 100mL the day before yesterday. Thx again Mark! Can’t wait to review!


14-21 Days and the mix will be at maturation :+1:


Hello everyone, I started vaping in January to quit smoking, and I could briefly say 1 year without smoke … yeeee.
As I go to the forum daily, I come to introduce myself and thank this great community, for your experience, and above all for the shared recipes.
My name is Paulo, I’m 50 years old, and I live in Lisbon, Portugal. Unfortunately I do not speak English, and with great sorrow, because I like to be active in the forum, and share equally my moments of glory, as well as failed experiences, bref …
However, here is a sincere thanks, and anything who did not realize, Google translator’s fault! lol
Many thanks to all and congratulations for the excellent work;)


Great to see you Paulo! And your English is by far better than my Portuguese - look forward to seeing you around!


Thanks Lolly :slight_smile:
When I went to school, it was easier to speak English than wicking my RTA, today is the opposite… Lol


Hi I’m Gautam. I’m new to the vaping scene and I’m intrigued by the rich community it brings along. Planning to learn a lot more about it and someday be passionate about it as you guys are! :slight_smile:


Welcome @Mandrax :raised_hand:


Welcome @Gautam :raised_hand:


Hi everyone, thought id peel myself away from the recipe section of this amazing website [massive shout out to you Lars]…and snoop around the forum for a change. It seems i have been a little rude and not introduced myself to the community. I started vaping about 5 months ago and started mixing 4months 3 weeks ago…since then i have never looked back, i have the BUG, and it’s HUGE…ive been off the stinkies for 5 months, i feel great…and am enjoying my new lifestyle, for me vaping was a side job, but now i live it breathe it, sleep it, steep it…im just hooked and couldn’t be happier, it is an addiction but an addiction i can live…quite happily. a big shout out to Simon [Woftam], he has been awesome for the whole journey and has never been to busy to lend support or advice also like to mention Sthrn Mixer, Ken O Where, Lummy, Worm1 and countless others who have been there to help, i love mixing and am learning more and more everyday…thankyou to everyone that contributes on the site…get busy livin…get busy mixin:ghost::crazy_face::facepunch:


Welcome aboard @vape4dayz 🖒 congratulations on falling into the rabbit hole and even more so for finding us bunch of reprobates :grin::ok_hand: good times ahead…glad you’re here :facepunch::dash::dash:


Eu falo Inglês quebrado às vezes e é minha língua nativa, então não se preocupe. lol A tradução foi perfeita, então continue publicando. Eu fiz isso no Google Tradutor, bem como para ver como a tradução é reversa. Estou sem cigarros cerca de um ano também. Prazer em conhecê-lo.

I speak broken english sometimes and it is my native language so do not worry. lol The translatation was perfect so keep posting. I did this on Google translator as well as see how the translation is in reverse. I am off cigarettes about a year too. Nice to meet you


Nice to meet you and welcome. You can learn a lot here from all the great people. I have learned tons.


I started on the calculator until I learned that my learning curve could be cut down by being an active member and reading the forum posts. The info on the forum is endless. Great to have you.


Welcome @vape4dayz :raised_hand:


Cheers Shane Thanks for the shout out. The fine folks here are always glad to help out - except for @Steampugs watch out for him he will just make you buy more stuff :rofl: .


I’ll have you know I’m a trustworthy upstanding pillar of the community…and as such…hold such malicious rumours in very…little regard :fu: :wink:


I think you are being harsh on yourself brother no one thinks you are the pillock of the community. :rofl::rofl::rofl: