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Belated introduction to the new Puglet, ELR say hello to Cerys Olivia


Figured I should officially announce the arrival of my beautiful daughter Cerys Olivia :heart_eyes: absolutely besotted with her she’s amazing and I want to share it with my ELR family
Birth was 3 hours from start to finish in a water bath (incredible) and she weighed in at an eye watering 9lb 4oz, everyone is doing amazing and life could not be better right now. I even had my 3 kids together for the first time yesterday which was really special to me.
And check out all that hair!!


B E A UTIFUL!!! :heart_eyes:

So happy for you all :kissing_heart:


What Lolly said cheers mate.


Thanks guys :wink:


Congrats once again :slight_smile:


Awesome! I always tell people children are a blessing. Lovely family you got there, congrats :+1:


Cheers boss :wink:


Thanks brother Grub, they are blessing…except when she farts…seriously…it’s like burnt fireworks…:mask:
I’ve never smelt anything like it lol


Congratulations! She is beautiful!


Thank you dear :wink:


Congrats! You know she’s going to be a smart one… she picked the right family to come into!!!


Huge congratulation @Steampugs


congratulations again and they is a fucking awesome name


Congratulations on the newest member of your awesome crew!


Congratz Pugs

Lovely girl


Congrats again my man! Thrice blessed!!
She’s precious! :heart_eyes:


I love the name Olivia, and I cannot help but think of my favorite Olivia.


Congrats again Pugs and kudos on getting two names, I was always struggling to come up with just the one :smile:
I wish all of you a lot of luck, patience and lots of hot coffee to keep you awake after the sleepless nights :laughing:
You’ve done well :+1:



Beautiful baby Girl!!


Thanks man :grin::wink::ok_hand: