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Belated introduction to the new Puglet, ELR say hello to Cerys Olivia


Cheers dude, to be fair the name was there a long time ago lol, glad you like it :wink:๐Ÿ–’


Cheers dude :grin:๐Ÿ–’


She certainly is man, totally got me wrapped already :pensive: lol ๐Ÿ–’


So farโ€ฆso good, shes an evening girl, kicks off at 8pm on the dot which is exactly when she started doing gymnastics in Jos belly every night byr shes only up once or twice during the nightโ€ฆim not counting my chickens just yet tho lol :wink:๐Ÿ–’


Thank you! :wink:๐Ÿ–’


Haha thanks dude :wink:๐Ÿ–’


Such a pretty baby! Congratulations brother!


Awww!!! Congratulations @Steampugs and family!!!


So cute!
Good on ya mate!


Congratulations @Steampugs :confetti_ball:
I trust both Mother & Baby are doing well :+1:


Awwwwww she is so so cute. Congradulations !!!


Cheers brother :wink:๐Ÿ–’


Thank you very much dear :grin:๐Ÿ–’


Nice one mate :ok_hand::wink:


Doing very well , thanks Mark :wink:


Thank you very much Robin :wink:


congrats , great name my second daughter is Olivia , there is a childrens character named olivia she has to have all the books because its her name lol


Beautiful Baby and Family, Congratulations!
My oldest Grandson Married yesterdayโ€ฆI guess heโ€™ll be carrying on the family name now.


Cheers princess :grin::ok_hand::heart:


Thank you :wink:๐Ÿ–’