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Belated introduction to the new Puglet, ELR say hello to Cerys Olivia


That little girl came from your balls, dude!


Congrats to you and the Mrs. She’s a cutie!


Congrats on the new miracle. I have three and it is a wild ride. Teenage angst from my son. Pre teen hormones from my daughter, and baby craziness from my other son. My mother said all of it will keep me young.:thinking::man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t2:. Awesome looking family bud.


Thankfully…she was a bit smaller that night :ok_hand:

Cheers Joel :joy: 🖒


Thanks very much like :grin:🖒


Thanks very much :wink:🖒 …cant say its making me feel any younger at the monent lol


Absolutely stunning, looks just like your better half I’m guessing. :wink: Way to pretty to look like daddy, she does have your hair though and giver her a couple years she’ll have all of it and you’ll be able to just polish your head instead of comb your hair. Kids are so much fun.
A hearty Congrats and blessing to the whole family.

Oh yeah and as for feeling younger. Grand baby #8 is due in Feb. I don’t even want to hear about younger. :smile:


Momentus! :tada: Special Congrats to the Missus. We look forward to your next Vape review in what …like April? :smile: I’m speculating you’re current trying to find Baby crib/carseat/stroller/diaper Forums right about now. What great pictures of the Fam and the latest addition (!) I’d offer a special blessing to them ALL, but it looks like she just arrived! Love the name …Congratulations Mate!


Ha…thank you very much Mr Darc, she is indeed rather special…but then I would say that :wink: and it is business as usual, working on the next review as we speak lol :wink: no rest for the wicked :smiling_imp: …I mean she’s 4 days old now she can practically look after herself …


Thanks GP :wink: nice of you to say so :smile: :+1:


Thank you! :wink:


Congratulations ! Thanks for sharing.


Thank you.:wink:…i like to share…unlike the baby by all acounts…


OMG Congratulations! Sooo happy for you!


Thankyouuuu :grin:🖒


Congrats… So this makes 4?


no 19…

jk :wink:

3 :+1: …I think…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Beautiful kid. Grats. Nothing smells like a new born. Then comes the diapers…


Cheers Super :wink: :+1: