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Best DIY E-liquid Recipe of the Year 2016


what do you mean by narrow flavor choices?


I never see MF, RF or FLV flavors in your recipes or any that you support.


That’s not true in the slightest bit. FLV is often used and I’ve not only had FLV on my show, but in constant contact with them. Not to mention many other companies like Purilum, Zibelli, Wonder, Bakers, Delosi, and so on. I personally don’t care who makes the flavor, as long as its useful, and is accurate to what they claim it to be.


One member here said you restrict your contest to TPA, FW, Cap and FA. TBH I don’t follow your podcast so I don’t know who’s there. I do apologize for saying you don’t support all flavor companies. I would like to participate in a contest, but without restrictions. You don’t have to mix my recipes… I’ll send them to you.


No worries, which is why I wanted to come in and make a few remarks. As for the contest, we had different rounds where we imposed different restrictions on the mixers to make the process a bit more difficult and see what the mixers could do under strenuous circumstances. I’m not sure if I’ll put on any more contests in the future, but if I do, feel free to enter!


This kinda confuses me. Just my opinion, I don’t see mixing under pressure to be advantageous. I would love to see a no holds barred contest for a true recipe of the year. But that’s just me. But I must give you props for what you do for the community. You have sway over many vapers and your words have power. Keep it up!


well the competition wasn’t for best recipe, and I think you’re getting confused on what the contest was. I don’t want to explain the entire contest, you can check that out on your own if you’re interested, but I agree, if you want to find the best recipe, then no restrictions is best. And thank you for your support! While I wouldn’t say I have any sway or power, I do think I put out great content for mixers, and that’s all I aim to do.


I feel like I’m having a Donald Trump moment here.

Recipe of the Year isn’t really for the best recipe… Yes I am confused. Props to those mixers and recipes you like best.


that Recipe of the Year video was for the recipes that I’ve mixed in the year I felt were the best. The contest was done over January and just finished two weeks ago, that was sponsored by BullCityFlavors for a big cash prize and a flavor deal with BCF that was hosted by my show on DIYorDIE, and had nothing to do with the video I made.


Once again I missed the mark. Maybe I should follow you because we didn’t get the news here. Any links to the top recipes from that contest?


Any content I put out is on my website diyordievaping.com. The contest was run on the Alltheflavors.com platform with its “contest” mode which allows for anonymous mixing. So all the recipes of the contest are on there. Also, this link here are the recipes of the winner of the comp (mixer ID10-T)


Thanx WW.


Yes we are! :wink:

…but I have to add many of us Divas wouldn’t be into DIY if it wasn’t for @Wayne_Walker


Wayne…before I dive into my comment…much love and respect. You’re video on mixing by weight and does diy save you money videos I watch in 2015 was the sole reason why when I started mixing I was mixing by weight. They gave me the last push to diy.

That being said…yeah a lot of folks missed the mark on your contest. I think it could have been maybe slightly more advertised.

That being said your videos have seemed to be weighted more towards cap, then tpa, then FA…then things kinda just follow from there. Maybe this is due to lots of reasons.

It is true. You did your unboxing of purillium. You recently talked about receiving zepelli and how their strawberry may be a rebottle from cap. You’ve talked about RF picking up steam. However, your videos don’t demonstrate your enthusiasm from unboxing to creating an awsome recipie.

There isn’t a problem with that. Maybe you fall back to what you love. Come on. Lot of people love vanilla custard cap v1 and put it everything. But that means from the outside looking in at brief glances=fan boy cap and tpa.

Now is the fan boy comment true? Maybe? Do I acknowledge that is a poor choice of words…yes. (Words are hard) However since some of your content is locked down behind subscriptions it means you are judged by what is readily available. The judgement is fair, just not nessisairly true.

Hmmm. Well I need to design 8 recipies to mix today. Just got soho FA, mango mf, tropical fruit mf, and I need to retest orange RF Sc since the last one was poor. That being said I am not going to grammar check on my phone. Again much love and respect.


That tropical fruit MF is pretty good. The mango on the other hand is horrid. I tasted it every week for four weeks, 2drps in 10ml. I am hoping it works better in a mix but as a single flave I did not like it.
Let me know what you think


Oh man!!! Crap. Hmmmm. Thanks for the pointer. I’m going to mix in atleast fresh cream and marshmallow FA just because I know how those play with fruits. But that means maybe a low percent. But oddly enough I picked a high percent (2) with pear mf and I liked it. Hmm now I’m going to ponder for a bit. 0.5 to 1% mango. Hmmm grrrr.


let me know what you do with the mango. I am gonna put it to the side for now. As for the pear, I liked it a lot, especially with caramel mf and vanilla mf.
I don’t know if you know this or not but ecigexpress has been selling MF (lotus) for $3.99. I have every flavor they have available, now I’ll start going to https://www.goodearthbeauty.com/catalog/flavor-extracts for my MF flaves


All 3 of those MF flavours work well together in a mix as well I find.


Because I steep for four weeks. Mango FA 0.25% mango mf 1% and juicy peach tpa 1% (to add fruit sweet) then mallow and fresh cream. After I combine the flavors I will waft the aroma and may add more tpa or a liquid amber FA or other.


My take, from someone who’s tried a lot of Wayne’s recipes is that his are good, not all, but most, they’re also kinda safe, and easy, if I was him and had the kind of business and audience that he does I’d come up with recipes that are easy to do with concentrates that most people have, Most of you lot on here (you know who you are) are quite a bit more advanced than that and have a much more complex flavour profile. He’s like the McDonalds of DIY.
I still love some of his though, I mean Steak is delicious but sometimes you just want a big fat burger.He spends a LOT of time getting the flavours he comes up with right so they taste like what they’re supposed to taste like, I respect that.