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Best DIY E-liquid Recipe of the Year 2016


Anybody here tried these? It just happen to pop up on my Youtube. I took a look but I only recognize one… I may be out of the loop.

What to watch out for

I think i saw the Green Tea Kitkat but outside of that i havent heard of the others. I tried a green tea kitkat a year or so ago, it was odd yet delicious.

I hate the word best, it is so subjective that the word is rendered meaningless.


Well, to be fair, it’s @Wayne_Walker’s take on the best recipe of the year :slight_smile:


To be fair, he did say it’s just his opinion. I was just wondering why there wasn’t any hype here about the top recipes of 2016. Are we all Divas? I am curious about the Pebbles tho. The 3% Graham TPA does throw me off a bit. I adapted it and put some flavors on my shopping list. It’s just weird that there is no FLV, RF or MF and only a couple INWs flavors in the top 8 recipes of the year. I kinda wonder if there some type of sales pitch or is DIY really that simple. I’m not criticizing the mixers, but some of those looks common place here. But like him I can only speak for my palate / preference.


i think thats where ELR separates itself from others , i know waynes mixing comps only allow FW Cap TPA and FA so the most common flave companies and a lot of people arent willing to go out of the box they stick to what is safe, i dont think a lot of those mixers would even know where to start if you put the RF MF flaves in front of them …


wow why did my quote from pro vape come out like that ???


I agree… but for a DIY leader it seems a bit narrow. I just wonder if it’s the best from his followers / customers? It doesn’t seem to reflect what’s going on here.


I hear ya, its just that every single time i see the word i role my eyes, seems to be getting worse as i slip slowly into senility.

I wouldnt even know how to go about crowing a champion, last year i vaped maybe 12 mixes that werent created by me by me.

I had forgotten about that GTKK, now it is all i can think about.


thats exactly what it is , he has his group that he follows kinda like fresh03 has his , maybe we should do some kind of FAVORITE MIX of the year in 2018 or fun comps , i love the monthly mixing thread , i think if that continues it will take off


I get it now. I always thought ELR was the most advanced mixing site on the planet. No pay to play here. For a minute I thought we all sucked.


Wayne has exposurel, followers and subscribers to his youtube channel. He is contracted by e liquid companies to blueprint mixes. That being said it doesnt make him the end all be all in DIY, though in his mind i think it does. His mixes seem simple and percentages often seem unnecessarily high. Plus, He uses Cap VC1 in almost everything. He said he finally figured out oreo and i was shocked when he explained the recipe, way off IMO. I believe there are a plethora of more advanced mixers here on the forum who arent interested in fame or recognition and just focus on quality E liquid.


id like to see a lot of the mixers with recognition make recipe with less than 10 pct flavor total sometimes 5pct and less turn out like the ones here on ELR


That’ll be tough to do with some of the usage %s from big 3 vendors. I think a lot of mixers here are more concerned with flavor quality, than the quantity. But that’s something that’s learned and shared.


your absolutley right , i remixed a gravel pit by crft for a friend and its like 13 percent and uses the more popular brands the difference though is i used a cream stone and if i didnt it would be 20pct or so , my first attempt was up towards that 20 pct but learning from peeps like you and amy2 and ken helped me this last year if it wasnt for elr and the things people do here and share i wouldnt know what a stone was i was making juice for a year b4 here and never imagined the things a person could do


It’s really weird that even now I find myself referring to comments posted over a year ago by @Ken_O_Where, @ringling and @Kinnikinnick about the amount of flavors used to make a recipe. I still go over sometimes, but the more I grow, the lower my flavor count get. With the right flavors, less is more.


that what ive learned in the last 6 months for sure , like when he was talking about lemon and how difficult it is , in my head i automatically thought MF lemon .25 to .5 pct lol


have a good night bro , this bid i did today hurt my brain so im crashing early if i could get to sleep this early


That list is based on the best recipes I’ve mixed and vaped. I can’t mix every recipe that comes out, so I try to find ones that people are talking about, have high ratings, or are mentioned to me by mixers I respect.


i can guarantee you I’m not creating DIY mixing content for “fame” and recognition. There’s a reason I have the following I do. Thank you for your sentiments.


Thanks for chiming in. My main curiosity is about the narrow flavor choices used and how it influence the DIY community. Your words has power over the DIY community, but your choices are a bit narrow.