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Best DIY E-liquid Recipe of the Year 2016


@fidalgo_vapes now you will spend 3x what you were going to making up for lost time. :grinning:


im only getting what i need oh and RFSC which at this point i feel im in need lol


Heheheh I do that to, trouble is it seems like I need everything a lot more than I actually do - as long as I keep spending less than I did before vaping I am happy.


i hear ya my better half keeps saying i thought we were gonna save money lol so i added everything up and we spent half of what we would have on ciggs i had to explain ya its 100 or 200 a pop but it was 20 to 30 a day with ciggs and i have something to show for it , obviously i dont need to buy anything right now but if you look at vape mail 2017 you wont find much for me ive done a great job imo


Your restraint is much better than mine - problem is living in au is the shipping is a killer. If i am going to pay $30 usd for shipping I have to make the order worthwhile. I just keep loading stuff in the cart until the shipping increases then I drop an item so I get the most I can for the shipping price.


I tested this again after 3 days. I must say NCM really nailed the citrus part of Frooty Pebbles. The citrus has settled quite a bit. The citrus notes are very pleasant on the inhale, but the exhale is straight GC TPA.

I kinda suspected this might happen. After that beautiful inhale things really turn on the exhale. For me this has a grainy cinnamon note not unlike the crust in a lot Cheesecake recipes and that cinnamon grain just sit on the palate. I get zero fruit on the exhale or any lingering effect of it. The Sugar Cookie is greatly overpowered by the GC to the point that I don’t get any cookie notes at all.

Mixing 3% GC with fruits and keeping it all balanced is a tall order for any mixer and for me it just ruined what could be a great recipe.


I tested the Best DIY E-liquid Recipe of the Year 2016 again today (23 days later) and it seems to have meld into a single flavor. It’s a little bit citrusy, but IMO it’s not reminiscent of Fruity Pebbles at this point. The 3% GC has killed the fruit notes. It’s a bit sharp on the tongue with a feel of chewed paper in the background.

This one doesn’t steep well. It was much better in the 1st 2 weeks. The flavors were separate and more crisp early on. If you try this mix, only make what you can vape in a couple weeks.

One thing that was impressive for me was the Lemon Lime CAP. I can still pick this out of the mix and I’ll be using it in the future. Paired with pyure, it’s very much like a sprite flavor.


I looked at all those recipes and I just don’t see them being even in my top 20 list. And honestly, I think it’s a bit presumptuous to even try to come up with a list of the best recipes of the year considering how many are released here on a daily basis. I would be willing to bet money I can name off ten recipes here that if given to an unbiased group to rate would be considered hands down better vapes than any of those. Hell I bet @Pro_Vapes you have quite a few released last year that are all better LOL :wink:


Like @daath said, it’s wayne’s opinion of the best he’s had in 2016. I can’t judge from his palate so I made it to see where it placed in my best of 2016.


Yeah, I get that. But to go as far as produce a vid to declare to the world these are my favs… “umm ok? Your point?” is what I am trying to say LOL. Maybe I am just a dick? Don’t answer that!


Some people might find it a bit presumptuous to declare those recipes as the best ones of 2016.
As i read earlier in this thread i also believe that you can find better recipes among the members of ELR.


U.S. Dollars? A Day?!


I believe he’s married and both of them smoked so 2 packs a day for both.
Name brand smokes are pushing 60 dollars a carton and almost 8 per pack bought single.
Looks like an easy 30 bucks a day.
Damn things were 25 cents a pack on base back in 1972.


yes thats what i was spending :_


just a heads up if you have a U.C its a good idea after mixing your batch with a mixer of some sort is to drop the bottle in a U.C to get the air out of the mix to stop the nic from oxidising.I noticed a lot of air in the bottle hope this helps


Cool concept, bad when it’s a bunch of folks circ jerking over weird recipes that are more novelty than actually flavorful.