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Best Flavors For Shake and Vape?


I am not new to mixing and I’m certainly not new to vaping but I am very new to sub-ohm mixing. I am on week 2 and still working out the right coils (and waiting on a higher wattage mod in the mail).

That being said, after finding I must cut the nicotine to 3mg (not to get the throat rippage in the new giant clouds) I am looking for 2-3 shake and vape recipes to quickly test the 3mg liquid for throat rip.

I am trying to isolate if the harsh throat hit is coming from the nicotine or these $%^&%$#$ stock Atlantis 2 Coils. I will be most grateful for any suggestions from the resident wise ones.

Impatience and shake and vape
First Batch :D

Have you considered just mixing a 3mg unflavored one to see if that has the unwanted throat hit?
If you insist on having flavorings, a lot of these are shake and vape:smile:


I’m going to do that very thing right now. That’s awesome! Thank you for that link!


Unflavored liquid is quite tasty :slight_smile: My sister only vapes flavorless…


Holy Schmolly - Instant improvement on throat hit at 3%… wondering if I could cut it back to 2%… hmmmm I don’t think I could never go flavorless but that would be a lot safer I would think?


Yep, with flavorless you know exactly what you’re getting and it’s absolutely not harmful :smile:


…you guys are a gift. I almost just gave up on vaping a few days ago, not kidding one bit. The change to the sub-ohm with what the heat does, the batteries being more expensive, finding good coils…I had all the stuff in box and I was ready to hurl it off the side of a bridge. I will not forget how helpful you guys are. Thank you very, very much!


Yep, the one true Shake and Vape Ejuice. Actually I’m one of those weirdos that vapes No Flavor. I have allergy problems which give me problems with perfumes, incense, scented candles, anything like that. Flavors from ejuice are nearly as bad for me if I vape them on a regular basis, consistantly. For a very long time I thought I could not subohm because of the added vapor. Every time I had tried it it was with a flavor in the tank and I coughed my butt off. Then I tried my normal flavorless in the Crown and I have no problem with coughing. I do at times have to take a break from subohm but that is the only ill effect thus far. Honestly, I like the flavor of No Flavor. Somehow that sounds like a joke, doesn’t it…


If you find 3 or 2 mg. is getting a little harsh, you could try 1mg… I vape at 1 mg. and no problems.
Could also increase your VG content. I’m at 30PG/70VG and I’m getting good cloud production with zero harshness.
The beauty of vaping is you are in control. Not BT.


@Brotherbob1 you must be reading my mind. I just cut it 2% lol


There are some of these flavors when I inhale them they are like… “oh god that so awesome” …and other ones where I feel like I inhaled flaming turpentine or a rotten egg. I know I must be allergic to some of them.


Those flavors that are made from actual fruit, nuts, ect will indeed effect those allergic to the same food types. For instance there are many allergic to peanuts. Peanut butter EJuice will affect those people the same as eating peanuts. Food allergies luckily are not my problem. It’s the heavy smells that get me and choke me up. When vaping you will blow vapor out of your nose which then starts my nose drying up and eventually will start my nose bleeding. Sucks in a way but I am able to do my testing of flavors and actually taste some when someone says, “Hey taste this, it’s great”. Just can’t consistantly vape with flavor…


That would explain the berry thing. I love them, I love all of them - but if I eat too many strawberries or raspberries I hit a point where it actually inflames my throat.


PG actually affects certain people also. I cannot vape anything below a 30/70 ratio withoit it burning my throat sometimes. And since nearly all flavoring is PG based maybe you guys should try using flavors with no PG. I don’t know what any are. Is there a list somewhere?


i would love to see a list like that also. i try to keep pg below 20% due to dehydration. If i vape 30 before bed can’t get a good sleep due to my tongue being too dry


Good to know, going max w my next mixes


ECX has northwest flavors those are all VG based I have a small thread on them really that thread needs more attention anyhow most of the flavors I’ve tried are pretty good some are weak and need to be upped some % wise but hey it’s vg so I have used some upwards at 6%.

Another company who has some great vg based flavors is OOO or 101 which is
One on one flavors


I really like there stuff too still same problem some are hit or miss with some of the strengths. I also had a thread about them as well but don’t think it took off too good it’s pretty old. Anyway some must haves of theirs would be
Creamy milky undertone vg base
Vanilla marshmallow vg based
I like the lemon butter and butter toffee they’re both pretty good as mixers not standalones. They also have pg based flavors. I wish their website was a little more user friendly the last time I used it it was a pain to maneuver around on.

Also don’t forget to use ELRECIPES at check out @ one on one flavors they will give you a 5% discount !


Hello,I just saw your post and i saw where you can get all vg flavorings if you have allergies to pg.I haven’t tried any yet but am definitely ordering a couple of these all vg based flavors and mixing up some all vg e-liquid.Saw some very good reviews on the flavorings and will definitely report back here as to my thoughts.Name of this supplier is "Northwest VG flavors.I know ecigexpress carries it.Hope this might help


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How is it going with Northwest VG flavors now?