Impatience and shake and vape

Ok - call me impatient, I am a little:-)

What are your favourite FA shake and vape flavours and/or simple flavour pairings? Or is this even possible with FA? I have tried the forest mix and artic menthol - good flavours after mixing but makes my teeth feel gritty (like when you drink coke) Just looking for some ideas really.

Thanks - Andrew


There might be some in the competition threads as well…


Didn’t notice it was specific to FA - Never the less - The links above are still valid. There are a ton of FA shake and vape recipes on the Vurecipesforii user…


Thanks Lars

Thx Will have a look :+1:

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In general, most fruits do well for shake n vape. I do not have much experience with FA but I do know that apples, citrus and peach are good right off the bat. I had to practice patience and it was really helpful when I was able to let a recipe mature! Happy vaping!