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Best Kayfun Clone


OK Kayfun owners… I’m not gonna be dropping $120 for an authentic… So, who’s got the low down on the best Kayfun clones? I’m in the market for a K Mini V3 (wife) and the K 5 (me). Thx! :grinning:


Check this out


OR https://www.fasttech.com/product/4984600-sxk-kayfun-v5-styled-rta-rebuildable-tank-atomizer The SXK has a smaller air hole under the coil 2.7mm vs 3.0mm on the SJMY. The original is 3.0mm I would go with the SJMY because if you ever want to use the ( Restrictors ) for the original you can


I have the cheap no name from FT and the SJMY from 3fvape and the SJMY is much better quality.


How long did it take to get the SJMY from 3fvape ?


about 2 weeks :thumbsup:


Wow they have Replacement glass for $ 1.99 and free shipping over $15.00


Thanks for the info @Rob62 & @wvsanta! :grinning:

My next question was about 3FV… 2 weeks from overseas isn’t that bad! I haven’t been keeping up with the comments about 3FV; but, I’ll scour the forum and see if there are any issues. :thinking:


Get some extra glass :+1:


So the glass is thin walled?


I don’t know I just ordered 4 Glass with the SJMY came out to $32.95 Also unless your wife like’s the size of the Mini v3 I would go with the V5 Flavor IS the same I have 2 mini v3’s by Tobeco


Size and M2L draw ability; I hear the K5 leans more towards the lung hit side of things. She usually vapes on a single coil, 1 ohm, 1.5 or 2mm air hole type dripper; so, she likes a very restricted air flow.

Always good to have more glass; I just broke one the other day on my Cthuhlu V2 and the only place I know where to purchase them is direct from Cthuhlu Mods (China). :smirk:


Then she will love the mini v3. I like my V5 on #2 Restricted D to L


I like the fact that the K5 has a 22mm base. :grinning:


And you can get the ( Restrictors ) for the original V5


This is the authentic that i got but I’m ordering an sxk clone, just to compare.
I also got the restrictors and i use the middle one and it’s perfect for me for a mtl.
This is my roll’s-royce of mtl’s love it because it’s spot on for me.


Damnit! I might have to go ahead and just order a couple of these… Just spent a while looking for a coupon code for 3FV with no success… I’m a cheap bastard! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The sxk on the v3 is perfect but the sjmy is the best one for the kayfun v5. The air hole on the v5 sxk is too small to accept the restrictors.


Look at 18:00 Air hole on the SXK is not 3.0mm So the Restrictors will not fit
The SJMY is 3.0 mm Restrictors are 1.2 , 1.4 , and 1.6 mm

I want to go RTA

I’m getting “error try again later” msg.


Got it. I see what you mean. :+1: