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Best Kayfun Clone


Look at 8:30 Air hole is 3.0mm
Restrictors for Kayfun v5


I love the fact that this guy doesn’t feel it’s required to blab on incessantly while doing a review. Silence is Golden! :sunglasses: …the occasional chirping of birds in the background is fine by me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very happy camper here! It only took me one week to get my SXK K5 and I’m loving it! I highly recommend it to anyone who can’t afford the real deal. Flavor, machining, fit & finish, all really nice. The only down side is no markings to help you count the turns when opening juice flow. But thats nit picking a $24 clone and don’t think it should stop anyone from getting it. Vary nice change from the Griffin and SSSUUPPPER easy to build on.


Has anyone purchased a Tobeco Kayfun 5? I read a review which said it didn’t want to work properly with an Evic Mini VTC? This is probably user error, but I thought I’d ask here anyway. :smirk:


Look at 4:00 he said the tobeco has a 3mm air hole also


Dat’s cool. :grinning:

Well, I have an email into Eciggity about the Tobeco KF5 not fitting properly on Evic miniVTC. It was on their site I saw the poopy review. Maybe they can shed some light on the situation. :thinking:


I still lean towards the SJMY but I do have the tobeco mini v3’s and they are fine


I don’t doubt your word! :grinning: I know that if something is amiss with any product purchased from Eciggity, they’ll replace the product, pay for shipping to and fro, and usually throw a happy in the box! They’re good like that. I don’t want to chance it with 3FVape. :pensive:


I am waiting seems like forever from 3fvape
Took the very slow boat from China I guess
If you want it fast doesn’t seem to be the ticket
But I wanted the sjmy model


Most reviews concerning the Tobeco clone, seems good; owned Tobeco clones in the past and never had issues; not in a huge rush to get anything, so I’m taking my time on this one. :grinning:

The longest wait time from China was about 1 1/2 months for me. :scream: I feel your pain! :pensive:


Well @wvsanta you are 100% right it took 2 weeks to the day to get my K5 clone from 3fvape :+1:


Lemme know what you think. I held off getting the Tobeco clone from EC because of some reviews on their site. :scream:


Would love to hear how it compares to the Authentic when you get a chance.


@Kinnikinnick and @wvsanta I will say that they had everything packaged really well the 4 extra glass came in a tin I need a day or so to clean everything but I will keep you all up to date but so far it looks like a 1 to 1 clone


If you must Kayfun way, buy SXK Kayfun mini v3 it’s a good clone.


This is the SJMY from 3fvape


Kinda what I figured and of the 2 clones I have the SJMY is no doubt the better of the 2. It was very difficult to clean it up however. It even had like a hard gooey grease left on some of the parts.


Ya I’m going to brake it all down and clean it real good


I like the way they shipped the extra glass in the tin to protect it.


Finally got mine from 3fvape looks nice and needed cleaning the airflow control was stuck had to clean and lube with VG
Was surprised at the airflow on wide open is not much for me .
Not enough air flow going to be the wife’s atty I put a clapton 1.0 build in it bought 2 extra glasses . is good quality built atty