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Best Kayfun Clone


I have watched a ton of reviews looking the same thing, I am gonna go for the SXK Kayfun v5 and maybe the mini as well, both said to be spot on.


I have the SXK and the SMJY K5 clones and the SMJY is by far the better one for what it is worth. Both are good but the SMJY has much nicer machining and quality control.


So after buying both the SXK and then the SMJY Stainless Steel clones of the K5, I wanted a black K5. I must admit I did no research before this purchase but I wanted the one that was all black not the one that was black with the white tip on the drip tip.

Here is the link to the one I purchased.


All I can say is what a piece of crap this one is. The machining was absolutely horrible on this one. I had to take it completely apart and go to work on it with Jeweler’s files. I did my best to get pictures of this but the close ups did not turn out great but here are a few that you can at least see how horrible the machining was.

Getting set up to try to fix this.

Here is the best I could do to show you the machine work.

Keep in mind this is after a 24hr soak in cheap vodka. Look at the threaded area. That black spot in the threads I had to use a Jeweler’s file to get it out of the threads. I have no idea what it was but there were a total of 4 places in the threads that had the same thing.

I spent almost 3 hours working on this. I did manage to get it working fairly good or at least usable but it is not even close to the quality of the other 2 I have.

Any of the machinist on ELR will recognize how poor the quality is on this piece by these pictures. I did not take a picture of it but I actually got a metal splinter in my finger while I was taking this tank apart.

The other thing I have noticed is that the airflow is much more restricted on this one than on either the SXK or SMJY clones I have.

@sirgalvid1 has the one with the white tip coming so I hope he gets a much better one than I got.

Just wanted to put this out there so everyone knows to avoid this one.


I am glad you are happy with them and glad I could help :+1:


I use my goblin mini daily the flavor is great but u gotta learn to wick it right when its wicked correct no need for another rta IMOP


The SJMY is a 1 to 1 clone of the Kayfun V5 :wink:



Way Cool you found a set :+1:


Yep…I could not find my old set so ended up going to Sears to get some ratchets warranted and they had 1 set of Nicholson Jeweler’s files left so I picked them up to finish doing the mod on my Chalice 3. Glad I did or I would not have been able to fix the Black Kayfun 5. You know I get the fact that cheap mass produced stuff is not always the best quality but there is just no excuse for the poor quality I found on this one.
I hope the one @sirgalvid1 has coming is better. If it is a good quality one I will more than likely order it and send the one I have to the island of misfits.


The machining on all 4 of my Kayfuns is flawless. To be honest, I was expecting to go through some finish work… not so much. :grin:

Added bonus… I paid the 50 cents extra in the shipping options with 3FV and received the atomizers in 12 days; crazy fast :zap:️from China to the East Coast.


My black K5 should be here Monday. I’ll be going over it with a fine tooth comb. I’ll let you know how it compares to the SJMYs.


All is not lost after all. I was very frustrated with mine mainly due to the airflow being so much different. Curiosity got the best of me this evening so I took my SXK SS one apart and luckily all of the black pieces fit perfectly onto the SXK’s build deck… So for now I have a Black one that I am happy with the airflow on.

Here it is on top of my Black VT 133 and filled with some Virginia NET that @Kinnikinnick sent to me a while back to try out. (on my last 30ml bottle)


Coppervape KF5 Clone…


Ok, Kayfun owners (V5 & V3 mini)… before I do an exhaustive search on the YouTube or Reddit, just thought I would ask here first…

Question: (Before I screw up my Kayfuns) Can the base be completely disassembled for a deep clean and maintenance procedure? I see a hex shaped surface when I take off the base plate; maybe that unscrews?

I also see a small set screw in the interior of the deck… air flow plug, perhaps?

Guidance from the masters, please! :grimacing:


Yes you can remove the center piece with the nut type thing but not sure about the set screw thing in the center to be honest I never noticed it before.



It can be completely dismantled. Check out the djlsb review. He takes it apart starting around the 12:50 mark.


Just another shout out for the Kayfun V3 mini… :speaking_head: That this is one tough little tank!

I bet I have dropped my beater mod with the KF V3 mini attached more than a couple of dozen times at work now… battery door flies off… battery gets spit out of the mod 10’ across the room… I look down to see if the glass tank is shattered… :eyes: Nope! :sunglasses:

Knock on wood! I’m a lucky so-and-so or this thing is indestructible! :flushed:


I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve dropped my kayfuns over the years and they still keep Going


Not sure why people recommend something else when you ask for a Kayfun clone - anyways, people are strange… (be boring if we were all the same but I digress…)

Just got the KF5 Mini and the flavour 'k’n’ROCKS!!! It’s up there with my Siren, UTA2, Bellus, Serpent Mini, but it’s VERY airy MTL even at the tightest AFC setting. And at only 10W it still goes through the juice at 1ml/hr which is twice the rate of my Siren and UTA2, with the same coil… (doesn’t make sense, but it’s true…)


She is tasty but thirsty. I dont know where it all goes either, its the kayfun triangle