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Best Kayfun Clone


If the Mod is not a TC mod then I would use 316L SS wire


Sorry I should have mentioned, I used the kanthal a1 wire. I did raise the coil at least a couple of mm over the air hole after seeing a video of a build.


The only thing that comes to mind is use a 2.5 mm id instead of a 3mm and see if that helps.
Or is it only one paticular juice it does it with?


you can run Ti with that mod right ?


If it run’s ti then that 0.3 build will be great. 26g ti 2.5mm id 7/8 wraps. Nice clean tasty vape. :yum:


I’ll try with 2.5 mm and will also try ss wire.


Yes it can run ti. It also does TC but my vaping diy confidence is only just about beginning to grow now.


Then I suggest using ss wire. It can be used in both tc and power modes. The best all round wire today.


Well the main thing about Ti wire is you must use it in TC and you can NOT dry fire it[quote=“Pattie, post:149, topic:14488”]
Then I suggest using ss wire.

I agree 100% :+1:


Yes, so I see!..However it was your post that inspired me.
Just for the record… I tried a different build in it this time. I got 3/4 of a tank of pure Kf bliss & thought I was in the clear …& then the death rattle started. The Fkn thing is now officially dead to me! But the good news is that a SJMY V5 is now on my shopping list!!


@Rob62, I’d like to pick your brains about the v5… I was just about to place my order & then thought I’d check some reviews. I was disappointed to discover its not so much a MTL unless you’ve got the MTL kit.
MTL is really what I’m looking for here - thats why i got the v4. A couple of the reviewers said it ‘sort-of’ did a MTL, but…
It seems the kit isnt an option for me- cant find one over here, & I’m certainly not going to spend what would probably be $50 by the time its shipped.
So, questions are…
Just how airy is it on its tightest setting? Are you familliar with the Nautilus mini? If so, would it be as airy a Naut on its widest setting?
Could there possibly be another way to restrict the air flow to get a tighter draw? possibly by obscuring the air intakes or something?? IDK… grasping at straws here… I’d really appreciate your thoughts.


where do you live ?


This is In the UK

You can get a M to L hit on setting # 1 … it’s just that some people like a tighter draw so they made the M to L kit

I never had a Nautilus so I can not compare the two of them


The M to L kit WILL work with the SJMY K5 clone


The SJMY Kayfun 5 is so tight for me on the lowest setting, I can get a draw. I no longer MTL, but I did a couple years ago.
I will set mine again on the single dot air flow, check it out, then come edit my experience.

Edit: Yeah, maybe the single dot is not restricted enough for you MTL…but I am not a good tester in that mode…it just made me cough.


Australia… the arse end of the earth when it comes to these things!
Yes, I’ve been to cremedevape. I’ll inquire with them about shipping costs, but from experience I’m thinking it’ll be exy.[quote=“Rob62, post:153, topic:14488”]
it’s just that some people like a tighter draw

Thats me, but maybe I’ll X my fingers n give it a shot …at worst I’ll just have another DL tank!
Thx for gettin back!


Well, if it made you cough maybe its not too bad.
Thx for that ozo, I appreciate you doing that!


I use the Triton Mini mostly on a fully open air flow. Even on the smallest air flow setting on the kayfun v5, I still couldn’t quite manage the rush of vape hitting the back of the throat. So I bought the MTL kit which arrived yesterday. I put in the 1.4 mm piece and the draw feels really nice and smooth now. Tighter than a Triton mini on fully open air flow but still nice and easy for me to manage. I might try the 1.6mm next when I do the coil and see how that feels.
Bear in mind this kit is a bit of an after thought by svoemesto. If you want to try a different size, the coil needs to come off first.


Thx for that info @DIYer_Straits… very helpful. Sounds like I’ll be getting the kit as well.


Open up your juice flow to 3 full turns on your Kayfun 5 as @wvsanta just posted today

Better Flavor

No Dry hits


Well @Rob62… I finally took the plunge on the V5 & V3 mini; went with 3FVape… the V3 mini for the wife and the V5 for me… SJMY version. Gotta say… couldn’t be happier! :grinning: Thanks for all of your posts of advice. :sunglasses: