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Best/Most Flavorless PG & VG?


Looking for the best vendor and/or brand for base for the least amount of unwanted base flavor. Any recommendations? Been using those from ecigexpress and have a definite sweetness to them that I can’t help but feel is interfering with final recipe.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!


I have bought from liquid barn and bulk apothecary.
They are both soy based and therefore sweeter. I dont mind them. But if you want more of a flavorless base. Try palm based!


im not sure when they switched from soy , but liquid barn uses the same VG as Nicotine River which is palm , musim mas is the manufacturer i think i spelled musim right lol


I’ve had a bad experience with NR’s VG my mixes just tasted “off” not sure as to why, but they were. I use LB’s vg and never had issue. Just my 2centss


I have never used pure soy based but I have used soy/rapeseed combo (man i hate typing rapeseed it just sounds bad). I used palm derived and I found the reverse palm is sweeter than soy/rapeseed.


Palm is sweeter (and better imo) than soy. All VG is naturally sweet, so it’s going to be hard to find one that isn’t.

I prefer Nic River VG, before that I used Essential Depot which has quality palm. I know ED started selling soy derived this last year, and it’s significantly less expensive than palm, but the quality is not as good.


As most Europeans, I use rapeseed based VG and I can’t say it’s very sweet. I sometimes vape it straight to clean out remnants of juice in my cotton and find it has a very neutral taste. Yes, a very slight hint of sweetness but nothing that IMO messes with a recipe.
The natural sweetness from some flavors are having a much bigger effect as a lot of them already come with (ethyl)maltol in it.

There are some flavor enhancers, like e.g. FA Bitter Wizard, that you could use to counter some of a recipe’s sweetness.


Oh jeepers! Thats good. Thanks for the correction!! I could have swore it was soy!! :slight_smile:


lol first smile of the day for me ty


Just pick up a gallon of essential depot VG from amazon for 20$. Says it’s palm.


i live in greece so i am not familiar with products in US, i prefer using pharmaceutical USP/EP PG/VG provided by Chemco, using them yeras never had a problem with them… though flavor etc is a personal matter and each one of us tastes feel things different…
if you’re living in EU i would prefer Pink Mule PG and VG… though if i could give a tip or something is just trying to vape your VG and PG alone and decide yourself… there are many good quality VG/PG products out there, the thing is what works for you better :slight_smile:

gl and hf :slight_smile:


Found that liquidnicotinewarehouse (LNW) has PG/VG and it’s completely different in the taste. Kosher, Food Grade. Got 2 liters (1 accidentally) so I’m set. Probably the same caliber at what Cooter1 mentioned, Essential Depot from Amazon.

So my new base combo is LNW Nicotine Salts and their PG/VG base. Bam.


awhile back they gave out free samples and i dod a side by side comparison of NR and LNW and if they werent the same they were very close if i remember right the LNW seemed to be a teeny bit thinner ( maybe ) . Im not sure what they are selling their VG for but at the time it was ALOT more than NR


Sorry, what’s NR?


sorry NR = Nicotine River