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VG vs VG does it really matter whose


Could VGfrom different suppliers change the taste of recipes ??? heres why i ask , i first started using liquid barns VG and all my recipes were great i switched to ecigexpress product and it seems my juices are weaker ive read that people have switched and like different companies VG better than others i recently bought a gallon of nicotine rivers so i will be using that soon what are your thoughts on this

Best/Most Flavorless PG & VG?

I’ve stuck with Wizard Labs VG, Nic, PG because they are always consistent and never noticed a difference from order to order. If it’s not broke don’t fix it my belief.
Not saying your wrong but ask my wife I’m always right.


the reason i switched from lb to ecigexpress was bc i ordered everything else through ecigexpress


I’ve had VG from several sources and never noticed a difference. Not to say it’s not possible only that my experience. The biggest difference I’ve found is with nic. I’ve had that from several sources as well but stuck with NicSelect since my first purchase of it from Nicotine Labs. It’s been the most consistent and smoothest I’ve ever used.


i totally agree on the nic , thats why i started with liquid barn bc they had nicselect


LB’s Vg is just Better it’s cleaner and smoother and has a sweetness to it. ECX is more on the lines of a less sweet not saying it isn’t clean never had any trouble with it but I’d compare it to Essential Depots Vg which I’ve used as well for a very long time not really sweet and kinda has it’s own taste…palm or soy both come off as " heavy " feeling in my chest from both of those varieties, and the taste is there can’t explain it but I know it’s in there. I don’t want to taste my fillers I want to taste the Flavor.

It’s hard to change up once you’ve had one of the best. Stick with LB or find a source that carries your Nic. I like Nic River as well as Nude Nicotine’s products both great. I still have LB Vg as well.


i have nicotine rivers vg on the way so i hope its as comparable to lbs but im glad you were able to compare lbs to ecigexpress i have 500mlof lbs if nicotine river is comparable ill stay with them since both have the nic select i still have to use up eciggs though


I just got 500 mls of Nicotine River’s Vg so I’ll know here in a week or two when I try these batches I’m getting ready to make. I bet it’s going to be great their Nic is super clean


I also have a test batch of NicRiver VG PG and Nic on the way.

Their VG supplier is from Musim Mas which is supposed to be some really good stuff.

The VG absolutely makes a difference. I’ve had some that left a bitter soapy taste. I always drip the VG raw on a new build to see if it taste like anything. Remember, most of the juice consist of VG.

We will see about Musim Mas!


ill tell you what since switching to eciggexpress vg my juice has not had a good taste thought it was vaopr tounge but i tasted otherstuff just fine then i thought my ap was bad which makes the flake taste in @Shroomalistic frosted flakes but the ap smells like it should i realized at the same time i started using different vg so ill make his juice tmrw with the liquid barn vg i still have then try @Nicotine_River vg when it gets here im amazed at what i am learning on a daily basis


thank you all for always answering my questions great community to be a part of


Tried a few brands, the only difference I found was the texture/consistency of the VG. Some are thicker, some a little more watery, but not had any that caused any trouble taste-wise.


I use 100% glycerin b.p it works good for me and at £1.29 for 200 ml from my local pharmacy it’s cheap and nice and if I have a sore throat I can just take a few spoonfuls :grinning:


Well, after being out with my husband at the seasonal camp, I was all excited to get home and mix. I just opened my first bottle of Nicotine Rivers VG based 36 MG Nic and it smells like gasoline or oil. I’m going to have to contact these people immediately. I will not even test vape something that smells like this and am actually almost kind of freaking out about it. I smell the nicotine in there but there is a strong petroleum odor… it actually burned my sinuses to smell it deep enough to get the subtle fragrant tones. (Burned, not irritated)


i would definitely let them know about that @Maureeenie because they sell nicselect and thats what i use and all i have ever used and it should not have any smell like you describe i have actually used @Nicotine_River nicotine just not their VG


The biggest thing to check for in VG is whether or not is it Palm based, or Soy based. Palm based tend to have a bit more sweetness to it, and overall I think a majority of people prefer it, over the Soy based kinds. I am not sure what those suppliers carry, My VG is from EssentialDepot, and I do believe they carry both Palm and Soy now.


Wow, I’m sure Grant at @Nicotine_River will be interested in getting that back so he can check it out.


I have used Nicotine River VG [and the NR VG nicotine] since Grant @Nicotine_River joined ELR.

I have also talked to Sam, the head chemist at NR, in depth about their VG…all praises from me.
On another thread where VG was discussed all day [couple weeks ago?] you can see that I did indeed speak to Sam, and the owner of NR mentions it. [in case you think I’m pulling your leg]

The VG from NR is made from palm, is sweet and clean [with no aftertaste], and is part of the Rain Forest preservation and sustainable farming community.
NR’s VG nicotine is the same…top shelf.


I do have nic river VG and PG & 100% VG nic, seams to be fine. The only thing that I’m not sure is my steep time is longer that most people say. So I don’t know if it’s VG nic or not, other that that, you can get some great deals on there. sign up for the mails.


Same here I use boots glycerin and add distilled water so it don’t feel so heavy on my chest