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Best place to buy VG PG concentrates etc (uk)


shit, nearly missed this one, that’s a heck of a discount, totally took advantage…EXPENSIVE WEEKEND!!


I’m laughing on the outside :flushed:


I took advantage of it too!

Only… I havent got a lot of money so i purchased one 30ml of LA banana cream :confounded:


dude…after the expo I feel ya haha :weary:


I have to put in a good word for Darkstar Vapour - 30ml bottles for the price of 10ml and most of TPA and CApella in stock. Always good delivery and they emailed me a copy of their Nicotine certification.
Could do a lot worse.


My go to for nic atm :smile:


I bought a starter kit from them and every single recipe I tried had the same weird aftertaste. I couldn’t figure out what it was as I’m new to this DIY carry on. I figured it had to be the pg/vg too.


Weird, they usually supply great quality product, little expensive though


It could just as easily be something that I messed up when mixing lol


I changed to chefs flavours for concentrates, darkstar for nic and another site for VG. Used exactly the same recipe and came out with a much better taste. Won’t be buying from make my vape anymore I think :+1:t2:


I just received some VG and concentrates from Darkstar today, I have to say their stuff is great value for money. Gonna try two samples tomorrow using both Darkstar and make my vape and see if there’s any difference. That is assuming I mix them correctly.


Just received some Nicotine on recommendation from them and yea great value.
I would like to know if you find any difference as I currently use Make My Vape VG and PG


got a freezer full of darkstar nic, wouldn’t use anyone else, gotta stock up before May people :thumbsup:


Yeah no worries bud, if I notice any difference I’ll let you know. I emailed make my vape twice about issues I had with the kit I got from them and didn’t get a reply, so I’ll be avoiding them from now on either way.


Are you referring to the TPD?.


I am :thumbsup:


I haven’t read anything about restrictions on the selling of nic as of yet. But I think your idea could be a very wise one. I think I’ll follow suit very soon :thumbsup:


well… buying Nic will be out, anything more than 20mg and anything more than 10ml, which will make DIY very difficult and massively expensive, so yeah get stocking up, I have 3lt so far but I intend to buy more every month :thumbsup:


The shape of things to come…



Is that world wide or just USA


That’s UK dude :thumbsup: