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Best place to buy VG PG concentrates etc (uk)


Suppose I better start stocking up.
When is it likely to happen ?


May is the cut off, gives you a while to stock up :thumbsup:


If the Tories trigger Article 50 before May will TPD still apply do you think? :confused:


I literally fucking hate this country. It’s run by old grumpy people who want no one else to have any fun


as far as tpd goes I wouldn’t expect any change for AT LEAST a couple of years, it’s not priority unfortunately, it might change but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


grrrr TPD! How you feeling pud?


well I’m in work but I still feel like hammered shit, better than yesterday though thanks :wink:


Non EU countries in Europe are already enforcing TPD even though they don’t have to. I agree with Pugs on that one.


Anyone tried the PG VG from E-cig Shop £5.60 for 500ml


Yeah, its good, but check out lubrisolve :wink: credit goes to @Pugs1970



Now that’s Good value
Have you used them ?


many many times, highly recommend :wink::thumbsup:


Just ordered 5Ltrs


Sure have…


I’m just testing a few batches that I made with darkstar VG and it does taste a lot better. It’s smoother and doesn’t have the weird aftertaste that the make my vape ones have. Sorry for the late reply.


Coffee everywhere now lol.


Try out Lubrisolve - http://www.lubrisolve.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=20

Fantastic price and quality is great, I use them as well as others here…


I’m actually waiting on a delivery from them, someone else suggested it a while back. Just gotta find some decent bottles for storage now.


For storing the PG / VG??


No, recipes that are done and steeping. I keep the VG and PG in the containers they came in. I only have one large bottle of each at a time.