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Best VG company?


Cant wait to get my stuff!


The deal I like best fro Essential Depot is the two pack for 39.19 of VG free shipping. shipping is almost as much as the product itself and this deal has been going on since at least October.


@ozo I have to agree with you at least 100%. Great product, great service, and even better people to deal with. Grant and Adair are so willing to do any and everything they can to make your shopping experience a huge relaxing success.

I also use the 150 just like that. I even use the 150 flavors like that I still measure my mixes and having that on little hole is perfect for the most part. just don’t leave them laying on their sides a little will get between the seal and the cap after poke a hole in them. I always put a great big X on the cap and the label when I have opened it just to remind me. I always plug the hole by putting my finger on top of it and shake before I use it.

Was reading through this thread and realized I’d put 10% not 100 % I’m really not that big of a jerk. lol


I am glad to be of service. As Grant has said, your questions are welcome and I will do my best to answer any of your questions.


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Well he did say any questions didn’t he. :joy:


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I know this is an old thread as far threads go. I live Akron, Ohio and I’ve used Bulk Apothecary vg and pg. I liked their vg it was good but I didn’t care for the pg. For some reason it just didn’t taste right for e-liquid making. Their vg is good though and I can get a gallon of it for $13.95 I pick it up at their store in streetsboro which is about 15 minutes from me. I have been using essential depots pg and vg recently also quality products. Hope this helps someone.


I agree with you on the Bulk Apothecary PG…For me, it had a peppery essence…but I didn’t care for their VG either…Been running some experiments with Essential Depot PG/VGs and comparing them to Liquid Barn PG/VGs…finding Essential Depot stuff to vape a bit dry compared to Liquid Barn…So far, Liquid Barn is my preferred…


I agree 100% w/ you have been running a lil experimenting w/ ED Palm vs LB’s Palm and LB’s is more moist vapes a lil sweeter and while both are very good I feel LB’s is top notch.

Nicotine River uses the exact same Vg as LB it is Musim Mas https://www.nicotineriver.com/products/vegetable-glycerin


I live in Florida. About 35 minutes from Wizard Labs to be honest. They are all I have ever used for my flavorings, VG and PG. They are reasonably priced, have a massive selection from many vendors and well no shipping for me as I can do local pick up.


Are you aware that their VG is not palm based?


I was going to pull the trigger on bulk apothecary because 10 pounds is a bit more than a gallon and its a few dollars cheaper.
I have been using liquid barn and im satifyed with them.
Thanks for sharing your experience with BA.
Any other comments would be appriciated


I am using Liquid Barn almost exclusively, and will stick with it…I do have some Essential Depot VG and use it every now and then, however the Liquid Barn PG and VG are my absolute favorite…It does cost a little more, but when you do the math on ingredient cost and break it down to the amount of juice you make, it only amounts to pennies…and the quality is something I can count on…The Bulk Apothecary IS a little cheaper, but the quality (for me) just doesn’t stack up…especially when you spend the money on good flavor ingredients…There are a variety of mixers who swear by Bulk Apothecary, and good for them…it’s just not for me…and as we all have heard in DIY mixing… taste is subjective… I hope you enjoy whatever ingredients that you choose to mix with… :slight_smile:


I love Liquid Barn’s Vg too !!!


I haven’t tried LB’s, but I love Nic Rivers. To me it’s much better than ED.


i personally use pharmaceutical VG (99.8% pure VG USP/EP) never had any problems with it :slight_smile:

Vaping product companies are usually adding DW water inside or other thinners and from times to times you can’t find any info about it (specially on percentages used) on their labels or you have to make a deeper research about it… it also comes cheaper to me than buying VG like FA, PM or anything else… 100ml of PMule 0mg Vg costs me here like 4Euros while the one i buy costs me 4.40Euros for 1Kg :slight_smile:


I just ordered Nic River’s VG since it has great reviews and was the cheapest I could find right now, $12.99/gal.
$26 with shipping where as LB’s Palm VG was going to be $42 w/shipping for a gallon (and with ELR discount).

Let’s hope it is as good as everyone says!

Hope it gets here soon as I am just about to run out of the 3 gallons of Essential Depot’s Palm VG I got back on 2/14 of last year. Didn’t realize that the wife and I go through that much VG in a year. :astonished: It seems that we go through a gallon every 5 months.


Been in love with mfs’s vg since I started, trying bcv’s this time around. Still says it’s usp grade, guess we’ll find out!


Can you tell for sure tell a difference when using Essential Depot? I’ve used Wizard Lab’s, BullCity, and Nicotine River. I haven’t been able to tell any difference in the three. I need to get some more VG. I want good quality for the best price. I’m too scared to order ED though.