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Beware of NudeNicotine... Story Inside


Their product may be good but customer service is horrible. I ordered twice and both times were the same problem with no help from their cust. Service.
I ordered their FIFO last Sunday the 5th with the understanding it would ship absolutely no latter then Tuesday which is “guaranteed” according to their website. Tracking number was created on the 6th so I thought oh good this order will go smooth unlike my 1st order… NOPE. Fast forward to Thursday the 9th with no update to tracker and no delivery which if it was shipped Tues. I would receive on thurs.
I emailed customer service and their exact words were the order has begun moving and it’s on it’s way. After multiple back and forth emails they gave me a 15% discount on my next order. Ok so it was shipped on Thursday then right? NOPE. still no movement on the tracker and no delivery on sat. Or today. After emailing them again today they tell me it’s an error with usps and theres nothing they can do… but wait it gets better. 3 hours after contacting them the tracker is updated and says the PO JUST RECEIVED the package and it’s due for Thursday delivery. So after lieing to me in the latest email they finally packed the order and gave it to usps.

Would anyone else be as pissed as I am, or am I over reacting? I purposely ordered their FIFO since it was “guaranteed” to be shipped asap. I also dont know if the package was sitting somewhere in a 95 degree warehouse for the last week forgotten about and they finally found it and shipped it. So I am fully expecting to open this bottle and it’s going to be horrible nic that I will end up throwing away like I did with their previous order/bottle.

So beware you may wait 9 days for an order to ship if you order from Nude Nicotine. All their emails had the feeling of they dont give a f×ck about small orders only their large bulk orders, but idk a bunch of $100 orders like mine add up real quick.


While I cant speak for them directly, I would be a little miffed. Especially if it happened more than once. As a last ditch effort, you could aleays call them and try to get things hammered out. Since I started ordering my diy supplies, I’ve been using Bull City Flavors. Just placed another order earlier today and not even an hour later, it was shipped! All of my vape mail has been that way. Their customer service is top notch imo.


@lt4-396 I too have had some past issues with NN and their timeliness. Started bouncing around with different vendors, but I never quite got the quality that I felt I got with NN. I decided to give them a go again, and didn’t even use the FIFO, and the fast shipping was mind boggling.

I don’t think anyone can answer that one for you, as it’s YOUR buying dollars, so that leaves you in the driver’s seat. I know for me, I had moved on, due to some issues …

But, as you can see in the first link, they really seemed to have it all worked out. I know firsthand, what it’s like to be waiting around for product, processing delays, and the trickle down effect of having to wait. I switched, but switched back, and without being able to clearly explain what the “quality” is that I get from them, I’m back on team Nude Nicotine.

I’d be curious to hear if anyone else has had any recent issues, especially regarding the FIFO, because as you said, and they say, it should be ready to roll, hence the name, and if it’s not, then that’s going to be an issue.

Anyone else have any issues, with or without the FIFO ??


Never bought anything there but was considering it. After reading your story, it reminds me of the waiting time you get with nicotine river. Guess it’s time to look around, I would suggest.


I used to order from them like 2+ years ago. Then the shipping problems began right around the time they made a facilities move I think. Complaints began appearing in a lot of the forums despite NN claiming they had gotten their shit together. Every time I was ready to pull the trigger on an order I’d see another complaint pop up.
Now, 2 years or more later it sounds like they still haven’t gotten it right, which is a shame because the product itself was good.

Sorry this happened to you @lt4-396. You made the long list of pissed off customers. :frowning_face:


While I haven’t used Nude, I’ve been less than impressed with the quality of the nicotine I was getting from a different vendor(I’m not wanting to put them on blast just yet) I decided to give VapersTek a go, as their nicotine was a little cheaper than my last bottle and I’d read some decent things about their quality. Placed an order Sunday night/early Monday morning, went to bed and awoke to three separate emails from VT: One thanking my for my order, another saying that it was fulfilled and the third with a tracking number that already had movement within USPS’s system. Less than 12 hours from order to ship? HELLS YES! If the quality of the nicotine is half as good as their turn-around, I’ll be most happy!


This is likely an Inventory issue. Maybe they didn’t have your particular product bottled on the shelf. Likely they get those %/L bottled elsewhere or have a system where they portion off …say 48mg/L in PG on Thursday etc. All they have to do to get that initial Tracking Number is pay the postage in their shop. The USPS will come by and pick up daily, so the only reason I can see your order was not “PO JUST RECEIVED” on the same or next day is they didn’t have it.

It’s easy to figure out they are trying to make appearances by immediately printing shipping labels, even if something cannot be shipped immediately. Doubtful they would just not call for a pickup from USPS or otherwise sit on your order. Man! If you are out of Nicotine and have to wait a week+ …that’s all the complaint you need!


@TorturedZen In my early this year (big) order, the processing time and shipping was VERY fast.


@BoDarc That is a fair point. I know that with the (I lost count now) all my my NN orders, I expected some delays (and there were not always any) and I ordered with a bit of lead time, just in case.


Jake was never any good at customer service. He isnt very truthful either.

I wont go into it again but one can search my posts for my story in regards to NN, a product i will never purchase or recommend again.

There are a lot of companies that sell high quality, inexpensive nic, who ship quick and have great customer service.


It is, I’ve had both the VG & PG based Nic from them and it was darn good. Nice people over there too. :+1:


The delays I can understand. Plain and simple stuff happens. I ship over 100 packages a month and sometimes there is an error on my end or usps end but I never play it off as anything except the truth or lie about it. The fact that they told me it was shipped and left their facilities because the tracker said shipping label created just really pissed me off. Luckily I had enough aged juice to vape until this arrives but still, idk customer service is a big part of today’s business especially with the internet and forums like this.

Looks like the only salt is from NN and nic. River. I have been unable to find a regular freebase form of nic that does not upset my throat even at 3mg mixes. Maybe it has been this summer’s heat but I know I will be trying several different places as soon as the weather cools down.
Carolina Xtracts seems to be a good high end vendor, anyone have any experience with them?


Fantastic quality nic. I havent ordered it in a long while as i have enough to last until the end of the universe but if i were to need some nic they are pretty much the only place i would consider. Every bottle i have ordered has passed the titration test and has been pristine.

I do wish that they would just put a regular cap on the bottles tho, the 4oz bottles came with a sealed dropper top so i replaced them all for long term storage in the freezer.

But like i said it has been a awhile since i have ordered, a few years probably, but i cant remember reading any complaints along the way.

EDIT: I should add that i have nic from several others companies that i find acceptable as well.


You can get good salts from Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers. Excellent customer service as well.


Carolina was my first order for nicotine. It’s great stuff-no color, zero taste and smooth as freshly churned butter! Their shipping is great, package arrived well packed and sealed 18 ways to Sunday just in the offhand chance the unthinkable happened while in transit. My biggest problem was their prices, but for the quality of the product you get what you pay for. If I was still just mixing for myself then I’d most likely still use them.


I’ve heard from @juice_junkie_lover that hiliq nic is the best nic. You could try them. Only have 100mg/ml


@paingawd Never tried them before. I’m looking at their pricing for 1L of SuperCritical @ $159.00 ?? That’s almost double what I’m paying for another premium NIC. Really that worth it ?


This exact attitude is why I buy only from @Nicotine_River never had a problem with their customer service they are top of line if you ask me.


I started with their 120 ml “sample” bottle, but, yeah…Their prices are a bit high. I’ve since used a second vendor for nicotine, but between their wacky packaging and the lowered quality of nicotine I got from my second purchase, I’ve since moved onto VapersTek. I’m hopeful that VT will be a win-I mixed up a couple of juices this last week that I’ll probably be vaping today. But if money would permit, I’d have gladly stayed with CXT for all of the reasons I listed before.


I appreciate your candor @paingawd.