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Big Difference in Finished Flavour or Similar Profiles when used in a Pancake Mix?


Though I might experiment with a pancake type juice.

Couple of Ingredients I would like to include in my mix as a starting point, are a Butter flavour and maybe Maple syrup

Looking at Capellas offerings they do a Butter and Golden Butter is there a big difference between the two? and is one maybe more particular suited to a pancake mix?

Sort of flitting between the idea of Capella Blueberry Jam or maybe Maple to go with it, if I am succesful in getting a finished standalone pancake flavour, TFA do a Maple Flavour and a Maple Syrup Flavour, never tried either of them but doing a bit of research, the Maple Flavour seems to be the preferred one as the Syrup one is meant to be a little bit sickly sweet?

Thanks for any advice,


Don't get Capella's maple pancake syrup, IMO it tastes like mackerel. :unamused:


I like TPA's maple syrup, but it does get sickly sweet if you over do it. Just keep the % low and it should work great. I use TPA's belgian waffle and like it, but someone recently mentioned a good pancake flavor. I think it may have been Inawera waffle but I can't remember. If I find it, I'll get back to ya. :wink:

EDIT: @Amy2 said the FW Vanilla Butternut tastes like pancakes.


I have a few maple flavors and it wasn't until @BLAX talked me into getting TFA maple not maple syrup. The maple is a glycerin based flavoring it has the mouthfeel and sweeteness it should to answer your question it could be sickly sweet if you use too much. I have found a drop or two works perfectly in a recipe vs going for higher %.

I can't speak for BLAX 's recipe since it's not published but I will give you a teaser it is the closest to a pancakes and syrup I have ever had. It is delicious !!! 5*****'s all the way.

Maple TFA is what you'll be looking for in a pancakes juice.

Yes also the Vanilla butternut FW does taste like pancakes. I love that flavor I use it as a booster in bakeries it is good I didn't believe until again BLAX told me to try it. I hope he may come to the forum and say further advice I feel like I am giving away his work Bc it is in fact his trials that lead to this beautiful combo I will make that known I didn't come up w/ it. I will stand behind his work 100%. Get those 2 flavors and you will not be sorry !


@BLAX posted his recipe :wink: and now I will share his recipe with you !

Mom's Sunday Morning Pancakes : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/329491/Mom%2527s+Sunday+Morning+Pancakes

1% Caramel (Original) (TPA)
3% Maple (TPA)
14% Vanilla Butternut (FW)

Flavor total: 18%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/2CLN

*** I have even used 1/2 of that amount (VB ) and came out fine in other recipes. I do suggest using his recipe as is to get his full effect. it really is stunning. ***


Thanks Amy,
I tied to nail down the perfect pancake recipe for 3 months, trying every variation know to man... Went through every maple flavor, every waffle flavor, and even French toast and nothing hit the mark. Finally decided to scratch everything and try cupcakes, custards, cakes, and it wasn't until mixing FW Vanilla ButterNut that the right flavor profile was found. It has just the right cake flavor that simulates pancakes.
As for the Maple, TPA Maple is absolutely the best Maple IMO every other maple I've tried(tried them all) is terrible. Finally, TPA Caramel Original is a very rich balanced caramel that adds a gooines to mixes, a very deep and complex flavor.


Would it put anyone off if I said I was disappointed that this thread was not about using our flavoring to make fancy pancakes?


I've put ripe banana in pancakes! And strawberry in cream of wheat and oatmeal. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the replies both, I will order the ingredients to try your mix as per the recipe you posted. Vanilla Butternut not easy to find in the UK. But luckily found a vendor that stocks all three ingredients needed, which makes a pleasant change.

Still would like to have a go at a mix of my own alongside it. Still trying to find out if there is a difference between Capella Golden Butter and Butter, i.e. 2 standalone products or one is a relacement for the other?


That is a huge bennifit to find the flavors all in one place, God knows there's been more than a few times that I haven't been able to get the flavors I wanted in one shot. I really look forward to having you mix up the recipe and any improvements through your own experimentation will be very welcome. I'm always learning from the many great mixers on this site.


Im confused...what is "our flavoring"???


I meant stuff in our flavor stashes that we normally use for e-liquids being used in pancake mixes instead.


Gotcha, thought you might have been apart of a distributor by that.


I just used sweet coconut in a basil yellow curry only had almond milk and thought I had coconut milk ran back to my stash and grabbed it , worked like a charm :smile:

Also FLV Lime has helped out in food recipes as well.


I have been wanting to try a butter flavor as well but have not gotten one yet since I haven't really seen it in much of anything. I have to make an order soon and will probably get both of them to try them out and see the difference. I'll let ya know what I find if no one else chimes in on the subject. @BLAX this recipe looks good. Can't wait to try it out!


Just FYI. Cap Golden butter and butter are the same thing. Capella changed the name.


Ceedee on UKvapers has informed me Capella Golden Butter is a direct replacement for Capella Butter and the latter will not be made anymore. Ninja'd by Oldmeat123 :slight_smile:

I have also mixed up Blax's pancake recipe today along with Bombies Raspberry Doughnut recipe they published, with no subs on either. Going to give them a 10-14 day steep but looking forward to trying them both


What a great finished flavour thanks for sharing. This is what I left in the comments for your recipe

This develops into a fantastic finished flavour after a 2 week steep. Smooth pancake type flavour with a gentle hint of vanilla and the sweetness of the maple compliments the finished flavour.

Definitely worth giving it the 2 week steep I found as the vanilla is still very strong after a week but dies down massively with the longer steep

Who would have thought butternut would give such a fine bakery type finished flavour.

Lovely recipe thanks for sharing.


Thank you for the kind words, glad you're enjoying it. It's definitely an ADV for me.


Hey bluenose63, I'm curious where you found the flavors over in England? I have a friend who has been trying to locate flavor west over there, any "heads up" would be appreciated.