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Bulk Apothecary


I ordered vegetable glycerin from BA
Who has experience with this vendor?
What is your personal review of VG and PG


I know a lot of people buy from Bulk Apothecary and seem to like it quite well.
Lots of good info in these two threads (not just about BA).


Thanks @JoJo!
I appriciate the link!


I do. I order my PG and VG from them.

They are great to do business with. Even when something goes sideways with a shipment. For example, once, I ordered a 5 gallon barrel of VG from them. UPS dropped it and broke it open. Before I even knew it, they had reshipped and I only had a day or two extra waiting.

All the love in the world for brown santa, but man I can’t imagine how funny it is to have 5 gallons of VG all over everything inside a UPS truck. Must have been “one of those days” for that poor driver.


That’s the type of customer service I love! :cupid:
Riddle me this: is there a taste or color to the VG?
Up until this order I used liquid barn VG PG and nic select nicotine.


I have never used them, but I’ve seen SOME vendors who do not disclose. I would be apprehensive if I didn’t know it was 99.4% > Palm based.


What is the difference between Palm based VG and soy based VG? I know a lot of people who use bulk apothecary… To buy soap making supplies. Funny to hear their name here. :smiley:


For the record… :wink:

Palm is sweeter than Soy.

There are other differences, but I don’t want to depress you. :smirk:


Well I’ve been told palm based is better for you, can be purer, and generally is a sweeter VG. I’ve always made sure to only use high grade palm based, and haven’t been able to muster the strength to stop using the good palm based ones to do a comparison.

Soy is a plant that contains plant estrogens, also called phytoestrogens. They mimic the same female hormone produced by women to cause the development of secondary sex characteristics, including breasts. High levels of soy are found in soy milk, edamame, tofu snacks and most vegetarian meat alternatives.


Just what are secondary sex characteristics? I know all about breasts.

I’m definitely a palm VG kinda guy.


@Daven exactly. Soy just makes me nervous…


BA is the only supplier of VG I use. I’ve used lots of other vendors over the years, but I find no noticeable difference in the highest rated suppliers and BA.
As said before, it’s palm based, no color, sweet, and very little noticeable odor.
If you DIY a lot, I would recommend the 5 gallons, it’s more cost effective and will last for 2 yrs at room temperature.
I usually order by the 55 gallon drum, but I also sell a lot of my mixes.
If you go with the 5 gallon bucket, make sure you buy a cheap funnel. Most pumps don’t work too well with VG. if you have some disposable cash and just really want a pump, might I recommend using a gear oil pump. They fit right onto the bucket, but are pricey.


Excellent! This is super reassuring!! I only ordered the 10 pounds. But i am currently only selling to one person :slight_smile:


Thank You! I never even thought to ask, but they are all I’ve ever used. This must be why I think people who need sweetener are nuttier than squirrel poop.

I haven’t grown any boobs in 4 years of DIY, but now that I know it might be possible I’ll switch to max VG and hope for the best.


Jeebus. The VG shipped on the 1st and it came today!!! What an efficient company!!


Sorry I was AWOL, not that I’ve noticed on taste, pretty close to glass clear.


So last month I placed an order with Bulk Apothecary for the first time during their VG sale. I bought 2 gallons of VG.
Then yesterday I saw a post on another site about the owner of Nic River confirming that Bulk Apothecary uses SOY based VG.
After seeing the post, I emailed Bulk Apothecary about my order, and they just replied with this:

Now what should I do???

Is this OK to vape? Should I try to get a refund?! Like WTF!:rage:


@obijuan I personally would try to return it, and find some palm based.


It should be safe to vape. But I’ve seen it mentioned plenty of times that it may have an “off” or unpleasant taste (compared to the slightly sweet taste of Palm VG).


I have not had a problem with BA vegetable glycerin.
No off taste, no odor.