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BULL CITY FLAVORS -- Flawless after 15 orders!


Yes, ecx doesn’t have an option for og bottles. But my last order from a couple weeks ago, my 10ml FA, 13ml Capella, and 15ml Flavorah were all in original bottles. The TFA ones are in brown Signature bottles, which I don’t know who bottles that.
Also, the lotus flavors ones I have, I don’t know how that’s bottled but it’s brown bottles.


Lotus is rebottled to the best of my knowledge and now come in clear pet bottles. I just got those in.

The original FA bottles come with the blue or orange flip caps.


Lol, well then I only have one original bottle FA on my shelf. Wrong again, oh boy.

Looking again at my lotus, yep, two brown bottles, one with a dripper, one with what looks like a flipcap, black. The rest little clear bottles with kind of oversized stickers which must have confused me.

Sometimes something deep inside says, “don’t type, just read”. I should listen to that more often. Lol.


No it’s ok. Ecx calls it lotus because it’s rebottled medicinal flower. MF


Well, I had just made a purchase of FA and I had options to both original and rebottled. As of today while trying to place another order, I did NOT see original bottles for FA anymore. :frowning:


Bull City is my vendor of choice and I always go there first. If they don’t have something then it goes to a secondary shopping list and I’ll look elsewhere later.

Lately I avoid ECX because the quality of some of their bottles is so bad. Twice now I’ve dumped about half of a 10ml bottle when trying to add the flavor; the first time the nozzle was loose and stayed inside the cap and I didn’t notice as I tilted the bottle, the second time the nozzle popped out when I squeezed the bottle. Big mess, ruined mix.


Thank you guys for taking the time to share your experiences and for all the kind words! We do love the DIY community, and this business was started so that we could give back to it. If you guy ever have any questions, or just want to say “hi”, we’re always around!

And as far as the FA original 10mls, we know that some people preferred them, but they had
tendency, and decided to switch to rebottling around late January/ early February.


Sorry I just saw this thread today, if you ever have any issues with your order you can always email us and we will take care of it asap!


I don’t disagree at all with this thread. Vendor of choice by far, especially since you guys are so darn close my packages get here quick. One thing I’d suggest you add to inventory is a dispenser cap for the 4oz bottles you sell, whether its a twist cap or yorker or otherwise, it would have me use less pipettes, you could just sell these in a bulk package of 25 or 50, or let people tack on the 50 cents per bottle if they wanted and you toss singles in the shipment. It would just save me figuring out the cap thread and sourcing them elsewhere.


We actually do sell yorker caps that fit on the 4oz bottles, and we are getting ready to put twist cap yorkers up for sale as well. But I will definitely add in the description that yorker caps fit on them.


I agree with you on this! Ever since I heard them mentioned the first time, I started placing orders and have placed a bunch with them. Even on weekends, I have gotten emails that more order is being shipped. They get the orders to me so quickly. Once, I did something dumb and ordered, and then realized that I forgot something and ordered again in the same night. They messaged me on their own and said that they were going to combine my orders and upgrade my shipping! I didnt email them about it or ask for anything because it was my mistake. That is great service! I have emailed them with questions and they respond very quickly and are very helpful with recommending flavors for a recipe, or suggesting things to try based on tastes I like. They got me hooked on RY4 double. I wouldn’t have ordered that on my own, or at least not at this point.


Thank you BCF,

I rebottled all the concentrates in glass. Bit of a chore, but solves the issues.


Well I just placed my first order with @BullCityFlavors ! Not a huge order by any means. Just two flavors, shipping was fair to say the least, they ship to Indiana something not all vendors do, and they ship super fast! I put my order in late last night and it’s already shipped!


I’ll add to this and say that @BullCityFlavors has been awesome for me so far! Super fast shipping and never an issue with any of my orders. I’ve ordered many flavors and also ordered plenty of bottles and everything has been stellar.


I have started using them recently due to 2 negative instances with Wizard Labs related to credit card fraud. So far both orders have gone well. Will continue using them and hopefully they will be my permanent vendor for DIY.


Another perfect order from BCF. And even though I screwed up and forgot something and ordered it separately, they caught it themselves and shipped it together! Thanks @BullCityFlavors !


Is Bull City still a decent vendor? Speed, quality, etc? I’ve seen a lot of folks here that like them.


They’re usually the first place I go to. Part of that is because they sell a flavor pack based on one of my recipes and I get a bit of store credit any time someone buys the pack or buys a flavor in the pack through the pick-and-choose option. :stuck_out_tongue: But I’ve used them for ages and still think they’re one of the best around.


I’ve lost count of how many times I have ordered from them. Another coming tomorrow. Unless there is something they don’t have, I always order from them. Never a problem. Highly recommended.


Ditto to what @mrpipes said.