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I already pounced the sale this morning. Woo-hoo!


I am still very new, but I heard about you here. And I read so many amazing comments about how great your company is, that I decided to place an order. I was like a kid in a candy store that first visit! Lol :blush: And everyone was so right! I love your site, my orders come so fast! And, personally, I think it is so nice to have the handwritten “Thank you” on the packing slip. It means something to me that you do that. Plus, when I emailed with questions, you got back to me so quickly! And I value that in a company as well. You definitely make your customers feel that they are being taken care of!


Any plans to sell VG in 1 Gallon quantities?


Hi Louies!

We don’t have any plans right now, but we will definitely take it into sonsideration!


Thank you for the kind words Jenny!

We love to hear from our customers, and if you ever have any questions, you know you can always email me. =)


I buy 95% of my flavors from BCF. I would be great if somehow the ELR “My Shopping List” could be exported to you directly.


I added Bull City to the list of retailers on Reseller Ratings, I don’t know if it’s a thing that a lot of people use for reading site reviews, but they have quite a bit of vape site reviews. Of course, I left a 5 star review as well :wink:.


I’m shocked they weren’t already on Reseller Ratings! And agreed. That’s an excellent resource!


@Jenny1978 WATCH OUT !!! That is how it all starts !!!



Vapemail day!!!


@BullCityFlavors … Love your store…Been ordering for a year and a half…Very disappointed though, that you have stopped carrying Flavour Art (FA) in ORIGINAL bottles?..Any plans to get back to FA ORIGINALs???


I preferred the original bottles from a mixers standpoint as well, but unfortunately no. The original bottles have a fairly large leaking/non leaking ratio, and we won’t sell them if they come in like that, which means we end up out of stock too often. We have much better quality control if we just rebottle ourselves.


That picture really makes me want jelly beans at 8:41am #madlad


Question about rebottling: Do you receive the concentrates from the manufacturers in bulk and dilute to specifications with PG…or is it just straight up rebottling of the concentrates that the manufacturers ship to you without diluting?


We receive in bulk, and then re-bottle with no dilution. Have you heard of anyone diluting it themselves? That seems sketchy…


I have experimented with Forest Fruit (FA) from various suppliers extensively under controlled conditions…including the FA Original bottles and can confidently tell you that there ARE distinct differences in the nature of the different suppliers flavorings…Some are stronger, some are definitely weaker…Along with flavor taste, I also observe steeping characteristics, and again there are distinct differences…and yes, I do believe that there may be a handful of re-sellers out there who may be “sketchy”


I wouldn’t doubt that, I’ve worked in businesses that have made me fully confident in my 31 year old man-child self, that I could successfully run a multi billion dollar corporation if those dummies could run a small business. =P

As far as concentrates, you also have to take into account what ingredients are used, and the batch you have received. batches can vary in age before they are received, natural flavors play a huge part in that as well, since no two batches can be exact because there are no two exact oranges. Sometimes we receive two batches that are slightly different in color, which is normal, but you have to compare it to the MSDS/SDS sheets that are generally available online, and they will show a color range for that particular flavor, i.e berry flavor says “color range: clear to slightly cloudy”, and within that range is acceptable according to the paperwork provided with that flavoring.

so we have QC who double check everything to make sure it adds up. We once received a bottle of a flavor that is normally clear, and it looked like squid ink. We obviously refused to sell it, but things like that happen on occasion.


Now what do you suppose Squid Ink tastes like ? And do I have enough flavors to build it ? HahahahahahahahHAHAAAAA
(Heads over to the recipe side)
I’ll park this next to my unfinished Boot Polish recipe


They used to sell a black burger at McDonalds in japan I believe, the whole thing is black, colored with squid ink. You should start there. =)


Understood…Also taking into consideration shipping conditions ie: the possibility of a box of flavors sitting in a hot truck or warehouse and other factors like that…However, when one experiments with a broad range of different flavors (a variety of several) from various suppliers, and trends start to develop, I think there is clear evidence of tampering that cannot be denied… I have noticed slight differences from one bottle to another in FA Forest Fruit that I purchased from you, which verify the validity of your above statement…but only slight…As a matter of fact, right now, I have 3 batches of FA Forest Fruit steeping …including one from an original FA bottle (purchased from you)…one of your re-bottled FA Forest Fruit…and another from another supplier who I have high regard for…will mention no names…HOWEVER, in the spirit of contributing to your News, Updates, and More title of this thread, without totally hijacking this thread, I can say this…Bull City re-bottled FA Forest Fruit performs admirably when compared to its’ Original FA bottle counterpart, as well as comparisons to other suppliers…As I am observing the steeping characteristics, I also anticipate it will meet my expectations in this latest experiment… :slight_smile: