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Regional foods always crack me up. This is great I can work with this just fine. LOL Thanks for the Idea.


Ah man, they used to dye the cheese black too!


BCF Update above!


Awesome :smile:


Thank you!


BCF Update above!


Thanks for the MEMORIAL2017 coupon code. Just placed an order, I thought I had this order in my shopping cart for a few days but it was not there when I logged in today. I thought that was strange but I understand.

I was thinking a nice feature would be a way to minimize shipping cost, at checkout. An example would be a message at checkout like, “If you add another 30 or X Ml bottle, your shipping cost will not change” if site would let me know that I would likely add an item of X size to my cart. I know this would not be that easy but with some code could be done. Just a thought.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


I don’t know how I missed this before tonight! But, yes, that pretty much sums it up!


I think we’d all like that feature on sites as I’m a real stickler on getting max value from my shipping dollars.
I’ll keep adding things to my cart until it tips the shipping to the next level cost but I waste a ton of time screwing around like that.
When I’m dealing with one or 2 places I get to know I can send six 10ml bottles for my basic $.4.11 USPS Seven 10ml bottles tips the cost to $9.75 as a for example.

Shipping is the elephant standing behind you in the elevator with the smell of peanuts on his breath.
You know he’s there but until you actually turn around.
Just yesterday I found some Capella French Toast V1 and tried to place an order but 15 smackers to ship a 3 buck bottle is not gonna happen.
Now they Email me and wonder why I’ve not completed my order ?? Ha I should reply.


I do the same Bob it kills me when i forget 1 bottle of flavour i need tho


That’s the challenge. I hate it when I forget one item, but at the same time I just plan my orders to get free shipping.

All in all I happy there was s a free shipping. It’s not hard to get to the limit. When in doubt I just order my staples…marshmallow FA, strawberry’s, and stuff that I know I’ll use.


Hello tank1,

Your cart is actually saved to your cookies, so even you clear you Internet cache/cookies, it causes your cart to empty.

As far as that as a feature, I will look into it. But as our commerce software has almost no communication with carts, I’m not sure if it will pull the correct data to give you an accurate price.


Well if you ever forget one, you can always place a second order for it and we will combine them and credit any savings from shipping to you.


Me too! And then I can’t just order 1 bottle, and on and on the vicious cycle continues!


They did this for me on my first order! What a nice surprise!


Ahh I see, it’s the old “this software doesn’t talk to that software” problem :wink: It’s doable but the cost is the question I’m sure. Seems like there would be some off the shelf solutions for calculation of cubes and weight and cost available from the major shipping companies. Integration with your online cart and other software might be the challenge. I sure someone like (Lars) could figure it out for a price :wink:

Thanks much for the reply and your great customer service!


Thanks again Bull City Flavors! I got an order in, with my Memorial Day discount, and got a notification, TODAY, a national holiday, that my order was ready and shipping label was created. I assume that it goes out in tomorrow’s mail, but still, DAMN!!! Great work!


Hi Joe @BullCityFlavors,
My very first order of Flavors arrived in the mail today. I checked the list and all were there; perfectly wrapped. Thank you for the fantastic customer service and for the great sale on Memorial Day. I look forward to my next order - cough I ordered more flavors last night. :blush:

Leilani :hibiscus:


GREAT NEWS! Seriously, what limited my purchasing through them was their crazy ass shipping.


Just gotta say you rock BCF… muah :heart_eyes: Thank you 4 adding new vendors !!!

Vanilla Ice Cream LB is the best of the best of the best y’all have to get some for real :wink: