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Just wanted to say that I have been ordering from you since April 2014 (order #421) and I’ve always appreciated the handwritten note in my invoice. :slight_smile: Particularly the time I was attempting menthol recipes! Keep up the good work!


And we appreciate your business! Thank you!


@Bob_Bitchen @sirgalvid1 maybe you guys will…


@COHgirl @BullCityFlavors same here Joe. I’ve NEVER (and I order a LOT online) had such FAST, and CONSISTENT service from a company online, then I have from Bull City Flavors. You guys are VERY good at what you do, and it shows. Another return customer here.


Ordered on the Memorial Day weekend.

First order; not sure why it took so long
to order considering I’m one state over.

What impressed me was how fast they shipped the order out.

Great flavor selection. Next up, going for some VG/PG.
(and maybe that HS RY4…)


Love how fast shipping is from NC to VA.


What about @Bob_Bitchen’s Ham-Cheese-Rye? Scrumdiddliumptous!


IIRC, Bob’s got a Reuben recipe lurking about somewhere…if that’s close enough? :wink:



I just wanted to take a moment and say a very special Thank you to Joe from BCV.

You went miles above (and beyond) in assisting with my last order, and your kindness and professionalism is very much appreciated!

Like I said earlier, I appreciate your being here and interacting with us.
Most sincerely,

PS: After all the hours pouring over the order, I still screwed up one flavor, but I sent a ticket via the contact form. But I wanted to let you know that Android isn’t liking one of the form data fields. (In neither Firefox nor Chrome.)
It asks for the order number, but refuses to accept just the number, and refuses “Order #xxxxxx” (the format used in the account order area).
It only gives an error of “Please use the specified format”, but gives no example of what that may be
So you might want to send this to the IT Dept. :wink:


Didn’t have a Reuben on my Recipe side but I DO now. LMAO. Thanks I knew I was missing something.


Lol my bad! Didn’t mean to throw you under the bus like that. Obviously I remembered wrong! :blush:

@paingawd try a search on the forums here, I’m almost certain I remember seeing a recipe for that, because I had another one of those “Really?!.. Wow” moments when I ran across the idea. lol


Hmm, father’s day discount? Can we get that per kid/grandkid/great grandkid?
Sure would help me out, BCF might go broke, but…
5 kids, 12 grandkids (no great grandchildren, yet, but give it 10 years).


It’s a really shiny bus and I like shiny things even when I’m being run over by them.



Oh, I’ve seen it in the forums. I just don’t know if I’m brave enough to buy the concentrates necessary!:laughing:


I don’t think I could vape it, but I really want a Reuben sandwich right now. =(


Also that bird reminds me of the Becky Smash videos.

@Flavologist Sorry, no stacking great grandkid coupons at the moment. We had one of those types of sales for the Amish, but it flopped. No one used the online code. =/


Kris King, near Hampton Roads by any chance?


Submit your own recipes for our community recipe packs to sales@bullcityflavor.com !


Such a kewl idea… I dont venture out from ELR very often and dont try many mixes outside of our community. Now ive found a couple mixes ive got to try from people id never have heard of without this project. Yes, of course the one with custard in the title. :wink:

Looking forward to seeing who gets added next. Thanks for all your hard work, @BullCityFlavors.