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And now accepting Paypal… They just keep getting better.


When is the next sale!!! :grin:


I have noticed a trend over the years. It would appear most retailers target significant holidays to have Special Sales Events. That would lead me to believe you will find that BCF will have a couple small coupon &/or discount promotions. Then one could assume that the next HUGE Sale will be a July 4th Event :tada:


Hey! You’ve got Fathers Day in between! :grinning: Every Dad needs to be given at least 50 new bottles of flavors!


Oh my, I forgot about Fathers Day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Ya, Fathers Day! I am a Dad and a Granddad :+1:
So that’s like 100 bottles of Concentrate :bomb:


I’m a Dad, Grandad, and a Great Grandad.
I’ll take my 150 bottles !


And they should all be a minimum of 50ml per bottle right…


My Wish List is getting out of control!!! It would be awesome if ya’ll could add an alphabetical sorting feature. I’m getting dizzy scrolling up and down the page trying to find a flavor for re-ordering, or even to see if I already have it in my list.


Use the search engine on their site. If it’s a flavor you are reordering the search engine works very well for me.


Yeah, but too much typing. I’m getting lazy and prefer to scroll and click on my selections. I use the wish list as my personal store with just the things I want. :grinning:


You can always click on a brand and on the top right you will see a sort box. =)


I don’t think you quite grasp the depth of my laziness. :grin:

My wish list items are in the order I added them. I want ya’ll to add an alphabetical sort feature to the wish list just for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bull City Flavors is celebrating the DIY community with our new Community Recipe Packs. We’ve teamed up with top mixers to offer flavor packs inspired by their most popular recipes! Packs will be offered at a special discounted price and feature all of the flavors needed to recreate the recipe in your own home…AND you can customize your recipe pack by choosing the size you want for each flavor.

A portion of the proceeds from each recipe pack will go to the community member that created the recipe!

We plan to highlight a different recipe each week!

Look for the Community Recipe Packs on our website soon!

Have a recipe you want us to consider for a Community Recipe Pack? Send an email to sales@bullcityflavors.com for more information!


I know your laziness all too well. I’ve been putting off lunch for two hours because I didn’t want to go to the fridge, so I’m now full on trail mix.


You look wayy too young to be a grandpa!


Pretty excited to hear about the Community Recipe Packs. Look forward to seeing the offerings. Would love to see one for Alisa’s Bust-a-Nut recipe.


Yepp I think several of us would go for that one. I do an adapted version of it myself and the true flavors are in one wish cart or another but are always a ways down the list it seems.


Cool :astonished:


I am fortunate enough to live in North Carolina but if I lived in Alaska I’d still you Bull City Flavors. This company carries a complete line of flavors and have top notch customer service. The shipping time from Durham to Avery County is usually second day and I have yet to find a mistake they made. I made a ass out of myself by bashing them after my second order to later find out I was 100% at fault. All I got was a LOL from the person who packed my next order…
Thanks BCF for keeping those flavors coming to this “underground” not so secret Bootlegger!!!


What @Bob_Bitchen and @sirgalvid1 said.