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That’s a great idea.


I always forget about the FDA regulations since i don’t live in the US.

The question is if putting a number of flavors into a bottle is considered to be a new product.I wonder if there can be a loophole in the regs that might allow such a thing to happen. Not sure and i’m not trying to push this either just thinking out loud so to speak.

Pick and choose for those that already got flavors and wanna try a community recipe is a great idea.


According to the FDA using a different color on your label is creating a new product. =/


Yeah those fuckers are causing a lot of problems where it shouldn’t have to be any at all.


Oh I see.

August 8th 2016
Stalemate - No New Products Allowed

All existing products can stay on the market for two years, without FDA approval they must be removed from sale by 08/08/18

Link - FDA Regulations

Bull City Flavors Community Recipe Packs

So is Canada doing this dumb crap too? I’m about over this shit! One would assume that the US would have learned from Europe about the whole nanny state thing, but no (we’re still using the imperial measurement system here ffs!). Best shut up now, I could filibuster congress with everything that I would want to say to those useless pieces of shit. Good on you @BullCityFlavors for listening to the community! May your success continue!



I read your reply to my question. It does make sense. And in light of the F**ckedDA regs, I can totally see the problem. Perhaps they’ll relent at some point, and if they do I’m sure you’ll be out front leading the way :slight_smile:


Could you not go by the date the recipe was created as proof it is not a new product? Even if you mixing it is new to you others have been mixing it prior to the deadline. We all know devil in the details but hey they use the details why can’t you? Just thinking out loud again lol


Holy Cow, what an amazingly cool idea!!! I just ordered the flavors for Bust-A-Nut…never have tried that one and looking VERY forward to it. And the others listed there look awesome too. How excellent is that, everything in one place, not to have to hunt and peck. Thanks BullCity and ELR!!


Even more updates!


Just a heads up… Just noticed for Alisa’s Bust A Nut, her name is misspelled when you click on her recipe pack. It shows Alise instead. :+1:


Damn. Thats odd, I already changed that. Thanks for the heads up!

Fixed! Not sure what happened. I changed the graphic before we released the pack, but I guess the image was never saved.


Gremlins… Always gremlins lol


Very happy to see @Alisa up on BCF !!!


woah, I’m in va beach too lmao


Yay, us Virginians!


@Silhouette I used to live in Richmond and I was stationed in Fort Lee for a few months. I miss everything except for the taxes!


We have a summer home in Edenton, NC that I have to upkeep a few times a year, gosh I miss it there (NC in general), so much more peaceful. The drives through Gates and Rocky Mount were the best.


I can’t stand driving through the tunnel.


same here, what vape stores do you guys go too? just curious