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EpicVape on Lynn Shores Dr.


Bull City rocks! I’m very happy to see you guys here chatting it up. BCF is my home for flavors for almost a year now and I’ve never had an issue ever. Like someone else posted before, the little personal note thats included on the packing slip always makes me happy. Seeing that LB flavors are being added is a huge plus as well! I haven’t tested any of those flavors so I know what to include in my next order!

The flavor pack thing was not only an awesome idea but a good show of appreciation to the DIY community! I assume that most of the BCF team also DIY juice? If I worked at a flavor supply warehouse I’d probably be the #1 customer :grin:


Yep, most of the people here DIY, I’ve shown a few people how to mix since I’ve started, but not everyone wants to learn, unfortunately. =/


Are there any plans to expand the choices on the community recipe packs?


@BullCityFlavors - Any plans on starting to carry Jungle Flavors flavorings? Ever since Inawara changed their milk chocolate, I’ve heard that Jungle Flavors milk chocolate is the best and I’d love to try it :slight_smile:


I’m not positive but I think that Jungle Flavors is EcigExpress’ house line. If that’s the case BCF won’t be carrying them.


We have been! The 4th of July sale was pretty big, so we had to put adding new recipes on the back burner. But we have resumed adding them weekly. =)


I actually think Bakers Chocolate Truffle is the best, though that’s just my opinion.


It sure sounds delicious! I haven’t messed too much with chocolate flavors. Might have to dabble in it a bit :thinking:


This weeks spotlight recipe:


I only buy from BCF, love the service and the prices, the thing is, I’m struggling with nicotine, I bout from different companies and they either not good flavor or very slow shipping, so please consider having nicotine.


One, (and I hope this doesn’t appear rude, as that’s the LAST thing I’d ever want to do with BCF, as they’ve always been a 1st class act, and gone above and beyond in every sense) I’d highly recommend ordering NicSelect from NicotineRiver. You won’t have issues with shipping, and there’s ZERO issues with the quality of the nicotine! Throat hit or flavor.

Two, I think there’s a reason they don’t do nicotine, and if my guess is accurate, it’s a very valid one. If they sold nicotine, they would in effect painting a target on their backs, not just for the shipping (limitations to how what can be shipped, and fines for violating such, the whole underage purchasing issue, etc) but also the aspect of dealing with the Fed even further (expected taxes coming, expected manipulations of varying rates, then only to possibly be further complicated by individual states, etc).

As it stands, if it all came to a head, I think, that as they’ve positioned themselves, and the rebrand to BCF (instead of BCV), this has been strategically planned out with all this in mind for a long time now. So I wouldnt hold my breath on them carrying nicotine… I also think it’s a very wise, and safe approach! :wink:


awesome, never been there. we usually go to vapor paradise, near lynnhaven. :slight_smile:


@Sprkslfly is correct. To the best of my knowledge they can’t ship nic because of the state they are located in.

I do agree, it would be great that they had nic to ship. But as always you often need 2-3 companies as backups for your needs. At this point bcf is my number one for flavors and NR is my number two for out of stock items and number 1 for nic supplying.


Oh my gosh, I would spend my entire pay on supplies if I worked there! Or, They could just pay me in supplies!! :joy:


Thank you @BullCityFlavors !!
I bought a couple of these few weeks ago, and as a newb mixer, it made everything so much easier. :slight_smile:

These are awesome! Keep up the good work! You earned my business from now on.
Also - feel like a scrap booker when I taped the recipes into my notes. Nice touch.


Yep, they used to sell nic but their state went full nanny. The taxes on nic crushed it. I think they used to sell Vaportek nic?


Yessir! Vapertek is a great company. We buy all of our personal use nic from them.


Thank you! Sorry I didn’t respond earlier, it’s been a hectic few weeks since I got back from my vacation. If you ever have any questions, I’m always around. =)


Hope it was a great one! Lord knows you earned it!