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Bust-A-Nut - How should it taste


How do you feel about changing PG/VG ratio? I normally vape 40/60 but the recipe calls max 35/65 which IMO is not too far off?
Wonder what @Alisa and the others think?


I don’t think that would be drastic enough to make a distinct change.


I can’t see how anyone could take an offense to that comment, to me it was an implied “fix” to their tastes… like with me and coconut extra… I can’t vape it… learned the hard way with literally a liter or so of different mixes, so if I have a recipe I’ve gotten from someone that has coconut extra I’m going to fix whomsoever recipe it is… offense shouldn’t be implied for anyone to make adjustments for what they are making in the diy world. If you wish put a disclaimer on your recipes saying you can’t make this if you don’t have the exact things… kinda silly if ya ask me though. It’s also one of the reasons I’m not too keen on publishing how I make recipes up… I’d give “The Naked Chef” a whole new meaning… (haven’t seen Jamie Oliver on the tube in a while come to think about it).


I did not say it was me. I just was tryin to maybe shed light on what was goin on here. If you hadn’t noticed some tempers kind of flared. I was giving reasons as to maybe why. That’s all I was trying to do here. To maybe smooth some things out, so we can get the help that is needed. The other points were just suggestions to maybe further his knowledge.


ya got me laughing now… I wasn’t trying to pick on ya, just making comments also… if were not careful we’ll be getting into a spin off debate also… lolol


LOL, I am ready if you are.


Look ma, I joined the giphy gang!


Hi guys,

I still think it’s s change in VG/PG ratio problem.

I will order the exact same ingredients I finally found a vendor that does all the concentrates to send easily in Australia. So can get everything.

Note I like at last 50pg for throat hit. VG max max mixes don’t do it for me at the moment.

Ok so I have 2 things I want to observe. Adjusting flavour with PG ratio adjustment. Substitution impact.

  1. I’ll make the recipe to the mark. Max VG, etc steep 1 week (control/reference mix)

2 I’ll make the recipe to the mark. Max VG, steep 1 week but substitute the 2 flavours I originally substituted.

  1. I’ll make the recipe 50/50 PG and adjust flavour 20% no substitutions (I did 10% & substitutions)

  2. I’ll make the recipe 50/50 PG and adjust flavour 20% with substitutions.

This should allow me to get some decent evidence & experience the effects of these changes directly. I’ll use the same mod, tank & coil(stock) to do the test as a control. May even get a friend to put the mixes into tanks blindly to remove bias.

I’ll let you know the outcome of my results. My next flavour order won’t be for a week or two. So I won’t have y observation for say 3 -4 weeks, with steeping time.

I just thought I’ll make a fresh batch of the control to have a no steep test too. That’ll add a good observation for steep effect.

Ok guys, I’ll do that and write up the results. Stay tuned.


I also have not had any trouble with BAN tasting like mocha, but it’s one of those things…if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. Or maybe if they were rebottled, one of the flavors you used was too strong or too weak. I don’t get the pepper people talk about either with VBIC. But I do think Glazed Doughnut tastes like playdoh and Flavorah Pralines tastes like dirty mushrooms. Everyone’s got that lil hiccup they’ve gotta get past. Maybe a sub IS needed for one of the flavors so that it is more to your liking. Regardless, looking forward to hearing what you come up with. Never know who else may have this problem and find their answer in this thread. Assuming, of course, they use the search. :wink:


Just fyi, what happened was I was asking for help and got told that I was being unfair in the process. Pissed me right off, rightly so. Then I over reacted woops. Better now.

Giphy level 42 reached



I think you will find the one with 50/50 to be too sweet IMHO. PG does add a sweetness to your mix. Are all your flavors PG or VG?


They are FW, CAP & TPA so I think PG.


I’d love to see a thread purely communicating with gif’s. Not sure how to ask for recipe advice that way though.


it’s BAN man…it’s like the ELR holy grail…

you’re lucky to be alive really…

Liam Neeson was literally dialling your phone number…



Are you factoring in that your PG is also in your flavors?


@Pugs1970 I know your being tongue in cheek ( I assume), there aren’t a lot of tthreads get the interest this recipe advice has


my tongue is pretty much coming through my cheek 99% of the time …

you get used to it :smirk:


I used ELR and have my flavours in my stash, they are all correctly assigned. I then decided to reduce all the flavourings equally by 10% because of my increase in PG.
because I was substituting 2 flavours I realised that the strength might not be precisely the same.

For example Bavarian Cream FW was substituted with TPA
I looked up each ones average single flavour percentage
FW 8.9%
TPA 6.2%
And adjusted accordingly, I know it’s not perfect. But it’ll be a good solution.
The other ingredient I subbed was Sweetener FW with super sweet CAP using the same methodology. I have subsequently found out that super sweet CAP may not be a pure sucralose. So I’ll take that into account. If someone can tell me what CAP super sweet is made up of that would help. The internet says it could be 20% sucralose solution or sucralose unknown percentage with some other bits and bobs.

Anyways, I’m confident my tests will reveal a whole deal of information to me. Not only that I’ll have all the exact same ingredients so can eliminate as a variable.

My end goal is - if I like it, then find the same mix but with higher PG. As a bonus I’ll also learn a little about substitutions, the effects of super sweet CAP and how much to adjust recipes if changing PG/VG ratios.


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