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Bust-A-Nut - How should it taste


I always make BAN perfectly… I never make a mistake…
I decided to toss together a 120 ml batch before running off to work and grabbed one of the 2 bottles I mix it in and went to town, I even changed my personal recipe for it to use the FW Sweet Cream instead of the CAP I had been using (the original recipe calls for all FW)… the only things different is I haven gotten the FW Bavarian Cream yet… but there I was mixing away… checked the clock and seen I still had enough time to print off a new label for the bottle and then it hit me…
I looked at the old bottle and my step daughter had put a bottle of a strawberry ADV of her’s that was empty in the place I keep my BAN bottle normally! Yeah the bottle was empty… but hadn’t been washed or rinsed yet… but now I’m like grrrrr!


Bloody kids, they’ll be the death of us


Tell me about it… she’s probably your age lololol


Seventy three?


Forty Two…


Seriously, spot on!


Lol this thread has become hilarious to follow :wink: I think I and everyone else here understand you were simply asking for input, experience and suggestions. Asking for help i think in 2016 should be seen as an admirable quality granted one is openminded enough to heed the suggestions. I agree with Skullblade that “fix” is sometimes necessary based on an individual tastes. Ringling had a point though as well and also whomever it was that gave you guff about steep times lol. As was said, and i wholeheartedly agree with, flavors with same name by different vendors are completely different animals and steep times will vary. Subbing Cappela especially dessert or cream flavors for FW IMHO will increase necessary steep time. Many have an aversion to Cap desserts and creams unless adequate steep time is allowed for. It is cool to see how everyones approach to DIY differs and think you may be on the right track with pg/vg content and flavor % conversions. Keep up the good work. I myself will continue to ask questions and will consider any answers as possible solutions and i hope you will as well :slight_smile:


Got a hunch that most information peeps are spraying is accurate, but subjective. I’m empirical. Show me the evidence.

Vaping is obviously a new guy on the scene. Going to also do a VCustard v1 vs v2 trial. Mmmm, let me have a closer look at diketones.

Also trying to work out what stuff is a waste of time. So will drop some steps now and then in a same/same batch.

All feedback is awesome, Right or wrong, gives me more to test. this shit is fun to me. Sick puppy


Some may disagree with me but, try not to get yourself worrying about diketones too much. Truth be told the cigarettes you used to smoke for so many years had more diacytel in them then you will get from vaping. I personally am starting to worry more about some of the substitutes such as butyric acid. My opinion of course…


Will we ever end up on the same page.

Testing for flavour, I want to taste what they bring to a mix vs the v2 replacements. Not looking at diketones at all from a health perspective, not concerned.

I have no idea what they taste like. And also how they can be used going forward. That’s what I meant.


I think we both got into the BUST-A-NUT trials at the same time, I had mixed a bottle last month and subbed a bunch of flavors using TPA and FA. I think we even calculated the adjustment ratios about the same. It seemed a bit off so I ordered all FW except the sweetener i’m still using a TPA sub. I decided to go max vg but could only get to a 35/65 instead of Alisa’s 20/80. This new mix smells about the same as my subbed version, but now only time will tell. Thanks for starting this thread, and thanks for all the other user input. I’m glad no one got shot.


Is it true that FW sweetener is a 10% solution of sucralose in PG?


Where are you at with your trial ? Have you done any observations yet? How far off some obs & conclusions? I’ll be 5 weeks minimum.


Artificial Sweetener Water Soluble Flavoring. Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavoring, Sucralose and Propylene Glycol. USP Kosher Grade Flavoring. Usage Rate 15-20% for E-use. No Refunds on Flavoring. Color Level: Clear.

Water soluble.
Ingredients:Propylene Glycol, Water, Sucralose.

Propylene Glycol 57-55-6 >= 42% and < 47% no taste
Water 7732-18-5 >=46% and <56%
Sucralose 56038-13-2 <5% sweetener
Maltol 118-71-8 <5% sweet, cotton candy, caramellic, with jammy fruity and berry notes


I’m thinking the one I made with subs was only close, I got the idea of the nutty taste but it wasn’t one I’d mix a large bottle. I’ll see how this one turns out and let you know


Thanks - so FW sweetener is not just sucralose, ok I can’t use a solution for my reference. FW it has to be.


You asked about CAP Super Sweet and I’ve heard/read it’s 10% Sucralose and 10% Maltol …too lazy to google the MSDS. I think this has been an appropriate (and valuable) conversation (Forum side of ELR), but would have been equally inappropriate if a comment on the Recipes side (ELR Home)… “I subbed all the flavors in your recipe -> 1 star”. So all is well.

The Openness we share is the strength of ELR … successes and mistakes. To that goal, gaining a growing level of trust requires you also offer some gentility. Emotional finesse using ASCII characters is near impossible as it lacks facial queues :rolling_eyes: My only advice is use more emojis and less GIFs…my 56K modem is audibly buzzing while I try and also download this hot pic of Christie Brinkley I found on AltaVista. :ok_hand:


I think that FW secret ingredient listed as Natural and Artificial Flavoring may possibly be Malto also, so I’m wondering if these 3 are all really close to the same thing?


What three?


CAP TFA FW and possibly others

@BoDarc almost always gives good advice, he told me to hold my vape out the window of my ship to cool it, I’m still waiting for my arm to grow back. :middle_finger: (:point_left: JK :laughing:)