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Bust-A-Nut - How should it taste


For some, up to a point. Beyond that it can be condescending, and disempowering.

I’ll trust a good heart and good intentions before gentility any day. Met many polite bastards and also some absolute crude kind hearted legends.

Appreciate the place you are coming from. I’m not that bad am I? Am I? Shit.


more info at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_cue
You are alright and so are the people who overreacted to your post (ducks)
you were ok even when you over reacted to their posts (ducks again)


Didn’t think I was that bad. Point taken though.


Oy no worries Mate! Like I said if you posted to Comments under her recipe on the ELR Home side-o-things? …but you didn’t, so was appropriate. If you wanna be a more genuine A-hole join us on IRC at night (US time -5:00 GMT) where condescending snark and cursing is almost mandatory :wink: See? There’s still a few “not-safespaces” places to be one’s self and still be welcomed …except for that one guy (inside joke!)


No idea what it ‘should’ taste like but currently vaping my variant of it thru my limitless combo in tc mode and loving it. Unfortunately I am running low on some of these flavors and don’t plan to buy any more TPA/FW flavors any time soon so the 220+ MLs I have left of this (vaping a 120ml bottle and this 220ml bottle is still steeping) will be the last for quite some time:

Bust-a-Nut v1 70vg 220ml
7.00% Hazelnut Praline (TFA)
5.00% Sweet Cream DX (TFA)
4.00% Butter Pecan (FW)
3.00% Bavarian Cream DX (TFA)
0.25% Liquid Stevia (Pyure)

Replaced FW Hazelnut with TFA Hazelnut Praline


When I switch from Bust-a-Nut to DaMomma’s Morning Kicker, without changing the wick, there comes a moment when the sky gets closer … that “mix” is insanely tasteful.


i plan to order the flavors for b.a.n., but i don’t like artificial sweeteners. what do you think if i use Brown sugar instead of sucralose sweetener?


Let me preface this by asking: You ARE talking about brown sugar flavoring and not actual brown sugar, correct?

That’s what I did and it turned out fine. I used TFA Brown Sugar. You don’t really taste the brown sugar in the mix. It just adds sweetness


i have the brown sugar already and like it a lot is why i asked. I’m just new and usually make 250-500ml batches and try a new recipe after i am done with that. i didn’t want to shoot in the dark and get pissed off. thanks
lol, yeah. tfa


You can also use Marshmallow subbed for the sucralose…or a stevia stone.(or both)


Like @ozo suggests, I’ve always used marshmallow and I think (correct me if I’m wrong) @Alisa does too :blush:


A few observations here…all of which is just scratching the surface mind you.

Seems like a very “conflicted” approach to me.
Or I’m not following what you were trying to say.
The way it read to me though is that you’re doing large batches of everything

Mixing very large batches probably isn’t the best idea as one is just starting out (unless you’ve got others hitching a ride on your ‘experiment train’ that you’re supplying as well). As it’s likely going to be wasteful (sooner or later, probably the former though) especially if you are mixing recipes that you haven’t already confirmed that you like.

If you’re only doing that (large batch) with confirmed recipes… Then obviously ignore the above. Lol

The only other thing I would note is that, the instant you add or substitute any aspect (in relation to DIY recipes) remember one thing: you’re no longer making that recipe!

You have arrived at the Do It Yourself phase the instant you decided to substitute! Congratulations!

(PS this wasn’t intended to be anything other than a “relax, you’re doing great!” message. If you think TFA Brown Sugar might work well in there, then go give it a shot! :wink: All I mainly wanted to mention was don’t do a huge batch (larger than 30ml) while you’re testing a new idea.)

Wishing you continued success and inspiration!


definitely understand what your saying. I’ve actually only made 4 batches so far. first was 250mL and other 3 were 1000mL. one was not the best, but others were great. I’m not too particular about flavor. i definitely like good flavors but if it is a bust, im not going to waste it. i use the goon rda and it goes through juice really fast. unless it came out awful, then i may just take it as a loss. the problem is, i only have about 10 flavor concentrates (the ones i used for my other recipes) and don’t have much to experiment with. also 30mL lasts 2days for me. if i make 30mL and wait for it to steep, i have nothing to vape in the mean time. i was buying from mtbaker vapor for years bc they sold 250mL for cheaper than buying small bottles elsewhere, and i ordered new flavors not knowing how it tasted all the time. but their prices have been doubling every couple months now so i said screw that. so at this point i have to order all the flavors i need each time i make a recipe. do you have any suggestions of how i can sample to get it how i like and still have juice to vape in the mean time without spending a bunch of money? i have a farm, and cash is hardly rolling in at the moment. i have tons of fresh milk and butter and yogurt i just made, but idk if nicotine river will be up to trading with any of that stuff lol


Make a large batch that you like…then get busy mixing small batches for testing, and let them age.


Here’s a couple of links to what’s largely been my approach on things (including some hindsight observations):

And this one goes into the importance of having enough bottles (among other ideas):

Hope this helps =)


Just an FYI for you BAN lovers… I have created BAN with almost all
Real Flavors flavorings (except that Butter Pecan FW … RF hasn’t made one yet).

It’s WONDERFUL, IMHO . So, if you have a chance to, definitely make yourself
a small tester and let us know which one you like best!

P. S. I am mightily humbled by this thread and LOVE to see people trying out
new substitutes to find their own nutty love. :slight_smile:


It’s made and steeping :+1::smiley:


I made some up about 2 weeks ago and gave a bottle to my friend who is also a co-worker and he rides with me back and forth to work.

Yesterday he was vaping it and asked me to take him uptown to run an errand. When he got out of the car I told him I would hold his mod. When he came back to the car I had locked the doors and wouldn’t let him back in until I got 3 more vapes from his mod. Lmao!


This came up in my what can I make the other day so I bookmarked this and added it to my juice calc to try but also adapted it in my calc to use less RF as I have never gone over 3.5% of RF in a mix yet. Not sure when I will get around to mixing them but when I do my plan is to mix a bottle of yours and a bottle of my adaptation to compare.


Please tell me you used your own driptip? :laughing: