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California, Really?


It’s not okay for teens 18-21 to vape

But it’s okay for them to get high

Okay , I want what those politicians are smoking because it’s got to be some good stuff.


Screwy legislation to say the least.


I’m actually ok with this lol but I also don’t understand people who start vaping just to vape and not because they are trying to kick a tobacco addiction, so my opinions should always come with a grain of salt


I’m also pretty sure the weed age is 21 as well, but not 100% positive


What’s the legal age to smoke cigarettes there??


For the same reason they start smoking.


Correct. :+1:


True, although in this day and age idk why someone would start smoking cigs either lol, I can’t really remember why I started smoking cigs but I was extremely rebellious as a teenager so probably just cause someone told me not to…god I was stupid back then lol


What do yall expect of California? hahah


That’s if the new law is passed though right?

What is it now? :confused:


The smoking age changed from 18 to 21 a couple years ago in 2016 I think.

And I think the rec mj law has officially passed now… but I could be wrong…?


I can’t smoke the stuff but have never understood spending money to control a plant. Good on them for legalizing but my distrust of bureaucrats see a tax grab.
Politics there make my head hurt though. I’m Waiting for a carbon tax on outdoor BBQ goods.


Now that wouldnt suprise me in Cali lol




And I live in here. smh


I don’t partake in the greenery but it should be legalized at the federal level. I’m pretty sure Smoking age is 21 out there as is the drinking age. Smoking and vaping having the same age restrictions makes perfect sense.

Recreational usage of marijuana is 21 and up as it should be. Medicinal is different for obvious reasons.


Im from there :grinning:


I smoked for 25 years or so, quit (used the patch) for about 5 years… then started vaping. Vaping isn’t necessarily a “smoke cessation” or an alternative to smoking. I vape because I like to.


I read somewhere recently that the medical card holders in Cali for medical marijuana lost their rights to purchase and own firearms. I wonder if this is a “loophole” that Cali is using to diminish the 2nd amendment rights of the “legal weed” participants … we’ll see I guess.