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California, Really?


I wouldn’t be surprised.


In Germany they’re punishing weed smokers by taking their driving license away. That’s the puritans not being able to accept that some people just want to have fun. If you want to have fun use alcohol.
I’ve read an article about the school shootings in the US and the author mentioned that in something like 9 out of 10 cases the shooter was being treated for psychological conditions with some kind of medication like Zoloft or other SSRIs. Have you ever heard about these people having their guns taken away?


Usually what is reported goes a bit like this; “They slipped through the cracks.” It happens way too often. Things HAVE to change to make that damn near impossible. I’ve always said purchasing firearms should require more thorough checks and the purchaser should also be required to take a class on gun safety.With a refresher course every couple of years.

I’m not one that will say take away the right to bear arms but I can definitely see and understand BOTH sides of the debate.


I can’t see a reason not to sell guns to an american citizen but why can’t a license be suspended during a treatment with medication known to have such side effects? They obviously do that exact thing to medical mj users.


In a perfect world that’d be a great thing. I don’t see the majority of gun owners surrendering their firearms though. Even the medicinal users that already own guns aren’t going to hand em over or disclose they are a gun owner. It will only ever become an issue if they are caught in possession of a firearm.

Only way I can see it working is if the doctors or pharmacy were to check registrations before writing prescriptions or filling prescriptions. If they required a federal document stating the firearm(s) have been temporarily surrendered before dispensing medications it could work. Then there’s the issue of gun storage and refusal of treatment.

Honestly it just can’t see it working at all.


But approaching the problem from the other end - using different treatments for example - will not happen either, the manufacturers of the medication never admit that their products have such side effects.

Aren’t they all registered? In such a case German authorities would certainly come for a visit if the ability to use a firearm could be impaired.

With drug users they have no problems to take their driving license away. Even if they can’t prove you were driving under the influence. They do roadside drug tests and if they are positive your license is gone no matter when you actually smoked weed. The tests don’t detect active THC but chemicals THC becomes n your body. Their argument is that if you use any drug at all (apart from alcohol) you don’t have the ethical ability (not sure how to properly translate this) to drive a car.


I just don’t see that happening in the US.


As a Cannabis Using Senior Citizen Californian you can have my guns when you pry them from my cold dead hands.
Beam me up Scotty I don’t wanna live on this planet any longer !


I get that people do it because they like it, I just don’t understand why, but I also don’t need to understand why someone does anything, I’m mostly libertarian when it comes to people’s personal lives. I also don’t need to understand it, if your happy and not hurting anyone then keep it up, humans have a right to try to be happy and happiness is personal, brussel sprouts make some people happy and I don’t understand that either;)


Why not? If they do it for mmj users it really needs a good explanation why one medication is OK and the other isn’t. Especially with weed… smokers of that stuff don’t really have a reputation as violent blood thirsty murderers. (OK, not counting reefer madness)


This is why it’s still illegal lol.


That will work for now, as long as weed is a left issue and guns are a right issue, but once enough states have recreational and those fat tax dollars come rolling in the Republican Party is gonna take a long look at their position against it, some in the party already are, and the nra is a massive supporter of the republicans so that issue won’t be an issue forever I would think…but who the hell knows anymore lol


This constellation - using cannabis AND be responsible and able to apply common sense - doesn’t compute with the govt’s apparently.


I know not all Republicans are conservatives but each law maker claiming to be conservative should by definition already support it.


I used to smoke weed and hate brussel sprouts, now it is just the opposite.


Now you smoke brussels?


I don’r smoke anymore, I vape them.


Don’t they clog up your coils…? :woman_shrugging:


They are mostly fiber, very cleansing


At 8% they do, so I cut back to 5% and no more clogging.